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The 8 Best Coffee Subscription Services of 2021

A parent without coffee is like a car without gasoline.

Look, we’re all lazy bastards at heart. And the convenience of the modern gig economy has made the average person lazier than ever and turned us all into veritable shut-ins who expect good things to come to us. You can get everything delivered, from meats to flowers to diapers. Add coffee to that list as well. The best coffee subscription boxes are loaded with fresh beans, sourced globally, and tailored specifically to your own taste buds. The best coffee subscription services bring fancy java straight to your door. And there’s nothing more gratifying than that.

Coffee bean subscriptions are personalized to you, allowing you to pick from a variety of roasts depending on your preferences. Whether you’re a coffee newbie or a self-proclaimed aficionado, the best coffee subscriptions offer their own expert roasters that are able to curate boxes to meet your needs. As with most delivery services, there’s a lot to choose from. So, we rounded up the eight most personalized, affordable, and sustainable coffee subscription services that also offer quality beans for coffee lovers.

The MistoBox features 590 coffees from 52 different roasters, including cult favorites like Verve, Intelligentsia, Crema, and Onyx. After completing a quick survey, a coffee curator will choose a coffee based on your preferences. Or, you can pick your own brew from the brand's extensive list and add your picks to your own personalized Brew Queue, where you can browse and control your upcoming boxes. It's the perfect subscription for aficionados looking to be exposed to beans they may not have tried before, from all over the world.

This is a great subscription service for coffee newbies who may need some help figuring out what beans will work best for them. The first step is to take a coffee quiz so coffee experts can curate beans based on your preferences. Experts analyze every coffee out of their 4oo+ inventory and categorize them based off of 10 distinct attributes before making their choices. You're free to customize your order frequency and grind setting, and even pick out your own roasts if you already know what you want.

A carbon neutral, zero-waste coffee roaster in the heart of Nashville, Crema is one of the more ethical choices when it comes to getting coffee delivered to your doorstep. Their ethos is based on honoring the history of the places where they grow their beans, and the farmers that tend to them. If you're already familiar with Crema, then you might already know which brews you want included in your weekly or monthly boxes. If not, you can fill out a quick form to let them know your preferences before they ship you a curated box of their locally-grown beans.

Blue Bottle isn't for amateurs. If you've ever had the brand's famous New Orleans iced coffee, or braved the near-high from its cold brew, you know of what we speak. The stuff is powerful and potent and delicious. You can pick from their Single Origin Assortment, Blend Assortment, or Espresso assortment based on your preferences, or let them pick for you after taking their personalized quiz. If you're already a Blue Bottle loyalist, you may want to start off with their Welcome Kit Subscription, which includes six 12-ounce bags of whole beans of your choice, a Blue Bottle coffee dripper, and high-quality filters.

Coffee lovers and dog people, rejoice! Ground & Hounds is special because 20 percent of the brand's profits go to funding dog rescue programs throughout the country. They source their green coffee from top growing regions across the world, such as Peru, Colombia, and Sumatra, before roasting them on their own headquarters for delivery. Their subscription service involves an easy 4-step process: select your style, choose your brew, set the quantity and frequency that works best for you, and wait for delivery!

This subscription service promises to deliver a curation of the world's best single origin coffee from more than 50 countries across the equator. Each delivery comes with a postcard from a new country each month, too. Every batch, which you can order as half bags, full bags, or double bags, come with its own tasting and brewing tips. Plus, the brand is involved in sustainability by making sure their farmers are equipped with the resources to practice holistic and best in class farming practices.

La Colombe sources coffee its responsibly, the packaging is sustainable, and the company gives a portion of their profits to initiatives to help at-risk communities. This is a service for those who know their beans and know precisely what they want.

Bean Box is on the pricier side, but it's also tightly curated. You can choose from six roast levels, from light to espresso, and your delivery will include 1.8-ounce sample pouches of each, out of which you can choose which you like best to purchase a larger bag for your next delivery. It's great for those who don't like sticking to one roast and are open to exploring different blends on a regular basis.

If you want to keep things simple (hey, life is hard enough, so we don't blame you), just order this threesome from one of California's top roasters. You get an espresso blend, a dark roast, and a light roast. The flavors are complex and multi-layered. It's also java you can feel good about: The brand is committed to paying a sustainable price for each coffee.

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