This App Turns Your Kid Into A Cartoon Faster Than You Can Say ‘Sponge Bob’

Finally, your kid has a good reason for taking a selfie.

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chomp by christoph niemann

On the list of things that kids love, seeing their drawings brought to life and laughing at your face have to rank among the top five. A new smartphone app by Christoph Niemann now lets them do both without taking a Sharpie to your moneymaker.

Chomp is the second app by the renowned children’s author and New York Times and New Yorker illustrator, and it follows on the success of Petting Zoo, where kids interacted with Seuss-like animal illustrations. In Chomp, they do the same, but become part of the scene. Using a smartphone’s front-facing camera, kids (and curious adults) insert their face into one of Niemann’s 52 silly hand-drawn scenes. Instantly, you or your kid become a flying superhero, bubble-blowing fish, cuckoo clock, or piece of toast, which come alive and can be animated by stretching, pinching, tapping, or moving the drawing.

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Video and audio recording functions allow all the absurdity to be saved and shared with anyone, preparing your kid for a crazy high Snap Score one day — assuming Snapchat has the same staying power as Niemann’s squiggly, googly-eyed world.

There are no in-app purchases, no directions — no text at all. Just pure goofiness right from the home screen, and what would appear to be the only reason selfies should ever be encouraged.

Chomp by Christoph Niemann ($3.99, iOS)

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