Haunting Houses

9 Over-The-Top Halloween Decorations You Can Buy Right Now

From a 14-foot-tall inflatable Oogie Boogie to a life-sized zombie kid, these decorations will make a spooky statement.

A house with a variety of haunted house decorations, including boarded up door, chains, a skull and ...
Juan Silva/The Image Bank/Getty Images

If there’s one time of year when you should go big on decorations, it’s Halloween. Here are some of the biggest (and most disturbing) decorations to turn your home into a haunted house.

Spirit Halloween
7.6 Ft Baphomet Animatronic

At almost 8 feet tall, this horrifying animatronic moves its arms, torso, and mouth as it talks about how tasty their souls would be with a pinch of salt.