CellRobot Is A DIY Robotics Kit That Teaches Your Kid Engineering Skills

It won't even ask for a raise on its allowance.

by Dave Baldwin
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Remember the levitating orb Luke trained with on the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars? (It’s OK, this is a safe geek space.) Now imagine ten of them interlocked into a single droid that can walk, watch your dog, or even make cocktails. That’s CellRobot, a cool new STEM toy for kids.

Yet, another robotics lesson for the pre-MIT set, CellRobot’s a modular kit that young inventors can use to build not one, but hundreds of different robots. All they have to do is connect the programmable rotating orbs, called “cells,” via a twist-and-lock mechanism. When they attach them to a central heart (aka, the lithium ion orb that acts as a battery) it starts doing their bidding. Kids can get creative and come up with their own CellRobot design, or follow one of the 50 blueprints in the shape library. Add cameras, wheels, mounts — it’s up to the designer (or The Architect, as they’ll want to be called). Despite being sold as a kid’s learning tool, CellRobot can do all kinds of adult things — but not like that, sicko. Simple chores, like watering plants or monitoring the front door are more in its robotic wheelhouse. And it’s all controlled and programmed via a smartphone app.

Depending on how big you want your CellRobot dog sitter to be, you can pre-order one of six different kits (Basic, Speed, Mega, etc) which include as many as 14 cells, and as few as one lonely orb. Whether that single cell is strong with the Force, though, is anybody’s guess.

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