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All Cat Trees Are Ugly. These Are The Best-Looking Ones We’ve Found.

And we even found a dope cat bed.

If you have cats, chances are, you have cat trees. And upscale, modern cat trees aside, the things are generally eyesores that take up huge chunks of your floor space and look like a carpet factory exploded inside in your living room.

From Cinderblock to Felix to Pete the Cat, felines have clawed their way into pop culture and into their owners’ wallets. Cats are, for the most part, easy to have as pets. But they do have needs. According to the pet experts at Purina, cats like to have their own spots to rest, away from a lot of foot traffic. And they use a scratching post not to sharpen their claws, but to exercise, clean their nails, and mark their territory. Of course, cats are also finicky, which means there’s no one-size-fits-all scratching post or cat tree.

A survey from TD Ameritrade revealed that millennials spend an average of $915 per year on their cats — that’s $33.5 billion per year as a group. We’re talking about a whole lot of cat beds, self-cleaning litter boxes, automatic cat feeders, and modern cat trees. These are the least-atrocious ones we could find.

Cat trees are generally hideous. This modern tree, however, is shockingly attractive, and practical.

We’re big fans of the Vesper modern cat tree, which resembles actual furniture. It has an extra-long scratching post and a cubed den for napping.

This sisal scratching post is great for small spaces, and cats love it.

This scratching post screws into the wall, so it’s ideal for smaller rooms. Plus, one Fatherly editor has had it for two years, and it still looks brand-new after being beat up daily.

We like the streamlined, contemporary look of this cat tree.

The neutral colors of this understated cat tree make it sort-of pleasing on the eyes, and the natural jute fiber scratching post will keep cats happy.

If you truly cannot be apart from your cat, you need this two-way camera and treat dispenser.

Plug this bad boy in, connect it to Alexa, and use it to communicate with your cats (or dogs). This thing flings treats either at will, or on a pre-set schedule, just to keep things interesting — because we all know a bored cat is destructive cat. It has interchangeable inserts for all types of cat treats. Plus, you get a 1080P full HD video camera with night vision. So you can see your pet, and talk to it, in the dark. 

If you travel, or work long hours, this automatic pet feeder is a must.

Hook this feeder up to your wifi network and download the app, and you can feed your pets remotely and set up an entire feeding schedule (up to 12 meals). Note that this works with dry food only.

This is, bar none, the best-looking and most functional litter box we've ever used.

Picky cats can either use the top or side entry options, but it’s the clean-up that makes this litter box stand out. You insert a reusable liner (it will last for months, if not years) and just take it out, dump out the litter, wipe it down, and refill it again with fresh litter.

Is it a space-age office chair or a cat bed? It's one very cool combo of both.

This cat bed rotates 360 degrees, and provides a fully enclosed comfortable space for your king or queen to get downtime. 

Cats like feeling hidden, and this felt cat bed is perfect for those pursuits.

This is a soft, warm, cozy cat bed slash cave with a detachable zipper, which means you can actually get two cat beds in one.

This merino wool cat bed is subtle enough that you can put in a corner and never notice it.

This felted cat bed is made from New Zealand wool so unless your cat has a wool allergy, he or she will dig it.

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