Go Play Inside

This Indoor Playset Is Better Looking Than Your Furniture

Cassarokids’ Wellington Climbing Waldorf Playset is fun, sustainably built, and beautiful.

by Joe Jackson

Whether it’s pouring rain or scorching outside, sometimes it’s just not feasible to let your kids play in the great outdoors. But they’ve got to get their wiggles out somehow, and an indoor playset is the perfect way to let them do it. But not all playsets are created equal — many of them are plastic eyesores that you’ll want to take down as soon as the kiddos are tuckered out. Many, but not all: There are a few brands that make playsets that look so good that you’d be proud to give them permanent residence in your home.

Cassarokids’ Wellington Climbing Waldorf Playset is an excellent example of the latter category. Built from sustainably sourced birch and beechwood, the natural wood and rainbow colors give any room a brighter aesthetic. The paint and lacquer used to finish and decorate it are all water-based and chemical-free, so you don’t have to stress if your toddlers have a knack for giving anything and everything a taste.

The playset combines a rocker, slide, and foldable climbing triangle, allowing for a number of different climb and play combinations. Each piece can be played with individually or in combination with the other two. The climbing triangle can be used alone as an obstacle or as a downclimb from the climbing ramp. With some scarves, the climbing arch can even be turned into a pirate ship so your kiddos can comfortably cruise through your living room. The rock climbing ramp can be used as a climbing ramp for kids to get to the to of the arch, as a bridge between the climbing triangle and the arch, or it can be flipped over and used as a slide down from the climbing triangle.


With a max height of 22 inches, it’s built for kids aged 12 months and up. The structure is sturdy enough to handle 200 pounds of kid, which makes it ideal for homes homes with multiple children, and will accommodate kids as they grow.

The mixture of three separate play structures that also can work together to create climbing structures means hours of stress-free imaginative play. Plus, it looks so pretty that you may never want to take it down.