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The Best Car Phone Holders

Plus, we found phone holders for bikes, too.

If you have a car, you need a car phone holder. While most Americas are rarely without their smartphones, that’s especially true in the car, or whenever navigation is involved, since most of us can no longer get from point A to B without leaning on a few satellites. Smartphones connect parents with children and caregivers, offer a direct line to medical and emergency personnel, and let us capture (and share) all the big and small moments in kids’ lives. And ultimately, that’s the biggest and best reason reason to have a cell phone holder: it keeps indispensable devices nearby while keeping your hands on the wheel and your attention safely on the road ahead. According to the the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2,841 people were killed by distracted driving in 2018 alone, accounting or 7.5 percent of total fatalities for that year. Daily, nine people die in incidents involving distracted drivers.

Phone holders are just as essential outside of the car — whether you’re commuting by bike, working around the house or out for a run. The best cellphone holders for your car, bike, or run keep your device handy and accessible without drawing your attention from the task at hand. 

The Best Cellphone Holders for the Car (and Bike)

This WeatherTech car phone holder fits just about all known mobile phones, and its base allows you to rotate the phone 360 degrees, so you can view it from any seat. Because this car phone older sits in your vehicle’s cup holders, it also works in boats, RV’s and golf carts. It has fully adjustable tilt and rotation, and you can leave your phone plugged in while using it.

No surprise that the same company that makes some of our favorite smartphone cases also makes a great car-mount system. That said, the LifeProof car phone holders adapts to whatever case you're using with an adhesive dongle that rotates into the mount. The arm itself adheres to your windshield and can be adjusted in two ways: a knob-secured arm that slides in two directions and a ball head which refines the angle for perfect placement. Once everything looks good, click your phone into the mount with a 90 degree rotation — and remove by twisting in the opposite direction. This is a super-secure system for those who don't mind a windshield-mounted system.

This Scosche car phone holder secures your phone while also giving it a fresh charge. First mount the magnetic strip to your phone (often slim enough to go under your existing case, though specialized cases are available), then mount the holder to your windshield with its suction cup — now you can secure phone to base with tractor beam–like precision, even when kids are screaming in the backseat and you're watching the road and you can't stop to fine-tune things. The wireless charging function is compatible with the built-in components of the latest iPhones and many Android devices, and powers up using your car’s cigarette lighter outlet. Again, for those who prefer not to use a window-mounted system for the slight blind spot it creates, check out the company's CD-holder- and vent-mounted options.

This car phone holder works on the vast majority of phones and attaches quickly and easily to your car's air vents. It has adjustable side grips and a quick-release button, making it super simple to take the phone out and then click it back into place in the holding clamps. And we love its 360 degree rotation.

This dashboard-mounted car phone holder is notable for its flexibility. Its telescopic arm extends from 4.9 inches to 8.3 inches, allowing you optimal positioning when you're behind the wheel. It fits all phone and case combos, ranging from 2.3 inches to 3.5 inches, and it has a built-in micro USB cable to charge your phone while driving.

Quad Lock leads the pack when it comes to smart, simple, accessible phone mounts for getting out into outdoors for ride, hike, or run. With a two-stage locking mechanism, the Quad Lock is ultra-secure, even if you're crossing rougher terrain on a mountain bike, but it's clever turn-lock design means you can liberate your phone in a flash, for photos of heard-earned vistas. You will need to purchase a proprietary case or adapter (an additional $30 or $15, respectively), which for some may be a deal-breaker. But we’d argue that the company’s many, many other vehicle mounts mean you can use the Quad Lock system on just about any kind of outing.

The core biking community knows that ride accessory maker Topeak has the best cycling accessories on the market. Some prefer to use a smartphone in lieu of a bike computer. For them, the case-and-strap combo of the Ridecase ensures their phone is handy, secure, and visible. Lash its ratcheting rubber band to your handlebars and the case slides on tongue-in-groove. Once secured, you can view your phone in portrait or landscape. Bonus: When not mounted, it has a portrait- and landscape-oriented kickstand. It’s also wireless-charging compatible. An incredibly versatile mount that is one of the best cycling-specific options on the market — but important to note: not waterproof.

A premium price on a smartphone armband may seem crazy — how much better can the best be? Again, the answer is obvious when you take the widely beloved Quad Lock sports armband out for a spin. Its ingenious design is super versatile and completely secure. Over your sweatiest workouts, it remains suspended just above your skin, ensuring that no moisture reaches your device. The combination of ease of access for epic sunrise photos, security, and sweat protection means that this armband leads the pack. As with all Quad Lock products, you'll need to purchase their adapter or proprietary case ($15 to $30), but if you can swing it, it's definitely worth it.

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