Can Supplements Keep You Centered? 5 Stressed-Out Parents Give It a Shot

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The following first appeared on Scary Mommy and was produced in partnership with Stressballs, herbal supplements that contain ashwagandha to help you stress less and live more.

2020 has been a wild ride – and it’s only June!

Whatever you’re facing right now, we can all agree there are definitely more stressors. From keeping our kids out of our hair during summer break to showing up to work at our kitchen tables, and navigating a whole new normal – we’re all experiencing a tremendous amount of firsts and adapting as best we can.

Enter Stressballs: a mom-approved stress-relieving supplement. No these aren’t squishy toys; they are tasty supplements powered by the Ayurvedic herb, ashwagandha. And they are designed to help you stay calm and centered.* They come in two varieties – RELAX to help ease every day stress* and SNOOZE to help you sleep better* (we know!)

We asked five busy, stressed-out moms to test out Stressballs and give us the honest scoop on if these supplements are the real deal in relaxation. Here’s what they told us. We’ve edited their responses for clarity and length.

“I didn’t overreact to a snippy client email!”

As a solopreneur without a steady paycheck, finances are what often keeps Lib up at night. Coupled with managing her daughter’s mental health needs, the worries multiply in her Atlanta household.

How has stress affected your life?

“Stress causes me to become thin-skinned and fearful. If Deepak Chopra were giving a talk about operating from a place of lack instead of abundance, the slide would just be me, stressed out. Irritation leads to fear and then certainty that the next thing will go badly too and soon I’ll be homeless.

What kind of impact did Stressballs have on your stress levels?

After two weeks of taking the RELAX and SNOOZE Stressballs, I actually noticed a pretty dramatic effect. My sleep improved noticeably, which made me more able to cope during the day. Sleep has been a BIG problem for me in these peri-menopausal years! I noticed my ability to pause before reacting really improved. A client sent a snippy, overly urgent email that would normally put me into a major fight or flight moment. But I was able to step back and calm down before responding and that was definitely because I was less stressed and frantic.”

“No more lying awake for hours scrolling through my phone!”

Katey is a divorced mom of two in Long Island struggling with working from home with two kids entering their teens.

How has stress affected your life?

I get extremely emotional from stress and nervousness. I tend to eat and retreat when I get overwhelmed.

What kind of impact did Stressballs have on your stress levels?

After about five nights taking SNOOZE Stressballs, I noticed that I was falling asleep easier. I usually lay awake on my phone for a long time but taking SNOOZE before bed helped me fall asleep quicker. I would definitely recommend these to friends who prefer a gummy sleep aid. My kids kept asking if they could take them and I told them I wasn’t sharing with them!

“I’ve managed to stay out of my ‘dark place.’”

Self-described perfectionist Serena is a 34-year-old mom of two in Washington state. She suffers regular physical symptoms as a result of emotional stress.

How has stress affected your life?

I’m an anxious introvert but I also crave connecting with people. Yet most people drain me, so that’s a tough balance! I’m a helicopter mom who doesn’t want to be a helicopter mom so the stress, chaos, loudness, and messiness of being a mom can be hard for me. Stress can give me headaches, cause me to be irritable, have stomach issues, cry, shake, or just shut down and go to a really dark place.

What kind of impact did Stressballs have on your stress levels?

A week into taking RELAX Stressballs I just felt more calm and thought “Hmmm, I’ve been more emotionally stable and haven’t visited my dark place lately.” If you’re weird about taking medication, these are a great product to have in your toolbelt.

“The speedway in my brain slowed down!”

Being in the “sandwich generation” means Philly-based Cecily has to deal with the stress of raising a tween along with helping her own mother manage her health issues.

How has stress affected your life?

I work full time from home for a marketing agency and I’m busier than ever too. Somedays, I’m so overwhelmed I can hardly breathe. In fact, typing this just made me walk over and take more of the supplements! My first sign is struggling to focus. Then my heart races, I get fidgety, and then I have to get up and move. If it goes far enough, I’ll go into a panic attack.

What kind of impact did Stressballs have on your stress levels?

I really loved the SNOOZE Stressballs, and they definitely help with getting to sleep at night. My brain is like a [racecar] speedway of stress all the time, and it can keep me up at night.

“Sleep stopped feeling like a workout and is actually restful!”

Brandi in Oakland, California suffers from the stress of being a working mom of two who is also very involved in her children’s extracurricular activities.

How has stress affected your life?

The biggest stress I have is trying to balance managing my family with working from home. Keeping up with what everyone has going can be completely overwhelming. For me, stress manifests as feeling exhausted but unable to sleep. If I do sleep, I wake up through the night, or super early in the morning. I feel like I’m walking through mud and everything I do takes effort.

What kind of impact did Stressballs have on your stress levels?

I felt a difference after the first five days of taking SNOOZE Stressballs. I woke up one morning and was SHOCKED that I had actually slept through the night. Usually I have vivid dreams that make sleep feel like a workout, but I didn’t have that. It felt like a breakthrough to me. I feel more energetic throughout the day and I’m sleeping better at night. It’s really like a fog has been lifted and I can see clearly! I’ve tried a lot of supplements looking for the same kind of results and I feel like the effects wore off over time. I’ve been taking Stressballs at night and in the morning for about 3 weeks and feel continuous relief.

I know for myself, when I consider de-stressing I normally think of all the accessories I’m going to need: a locked door, one or three hundred candles (give or take), my favorite snacks, a book or an already queued streaming selection. Adding a gummy into the mix is a simple hack – and, according to these moms, maybe I’ll even need to melt a few less candles.

Stressballs are drug-free, habit-free, gluten-free herbal supplements that contain ashwagandha to help you stress less and live more. Learn more and shop here.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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