C-Way Memoo Is An Alexa-Enabled Smart Hub For Your Kids

You could almost take a break from parenting.

by Dave Baldwin
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C-Way Memoo

Keeping your kids scheduled and on task involves constantly having to remind them to do stuff. Like, over and over. And over. And a few times after that. But what about when you’re not there? Or when you’re too tired to holler up the stairs 12 times? You hire a personal assistant named C-Way Memoo.

C-Way’s Memoo is essentially an Alexa-enabled digital nanny for kids 3-and-up. (Because, they’re probably not going to use that handsome Moleskine calendar.) If you want to keep it simple, it’s an LED-illuminated alarm clock radio with dual speakers and a built-in microphone. Kids pick the color, parents use the app to set alarms or select which radio/Spotify stations Junior can listen to (Coffeehouse Chill?). The C-Way Memoo also let you record yourself singing songs, reading books, or telling stories — just in case the physical manifestation of Dad isn’t around. And, on that note, when you’re not around there’s a 2-way voice and/or text messaging to check in.

But the most important feature is the scheduler. C-Way Memoo can trigger other smart devices in the room (like connected lights … maybe a coffeemaker) and will help kids get out the door. It can display the weather using raindrop and sun icons that show up in red or blue depending on the temperature. (Guess who can pick out the day’s clothes on their own?) And finally, the C-Way Memoo can tell your kids to grab their backpack on the way out. The only thing it can’t do is give them a lift to school.

There are buttons on top of C-Way Memoo, but kids control the device using voice commands. They can ask it any number of (non) homework-related questions, but don’t worry, no machine will spare you from having “the talk.” The C-Way showcased C-Way Memoo at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which usually means you can’t get ahold of one for a while, but it’s actually available online right now. You’d know that if you asked your Memoo.

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