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Save on Gear You’ll Use All Summer With BioLite’s Big Memorial Day Sale

Whether you're kicking it in the backyard or in the middle of the woods, there’s an upgrade waiting for you.

If you spend time outdoors, or have a buddy who camps, you’re probably familiar with BioLite. For the uninitiated, BioLite makes well-designed, rugged outdoor lighting, power banks, and headlamps that are designed to harness natural energy sources for smart off-the-grid activities. If you’ve encountered the brand on social media anytime lately, you’ve likely seen their “smart firepit,” which has helped them cross over from backpackers to backyarders.

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer — it also marks BioLite’s big annual Memorial Day sale, which will save you up to 25 percent, through May 31, on everything from firepits to solar chargers, headlamps, and more. While the entire site isn’t on sale, a lot of the better gear that will help you kick it in the backyard is. Here’s how to spend wisely.

This portable, elevated firepit can rest on a lawn, deck, or patio where at night the logs appear to float, visible through the mesh sidewalls. This upgraded kit comes with everything you need to cook over the firepit, from a lid to a griddle to tools. Once you get the charcoal or logs burning you can control the fire with a smartphone app using a fan.

When summer brownouts and blackouts hit, you’ll be happy to have a solar-powered system for basic lighting and radio reports. Scatter the four larger lights around the patio or on the table, where they’ll stay upright while providing a wholesome glow. Tuck the hanging ones under an umbrella, or hand them to the kids to illuminate a tree house or fort, as they draw power off the main control box. The best part: The whole kit compacts down to about the size of a shoebox so it’s easy to stash away when not in use.

From early morning runs to late-night dog walks and handy work under the kitchen sink, there are plenty of non-camping reasons to own a headlamp. This four-pack of USB rechargeable lamps means you’re never fusing with AA or AAA batteries and you've got enough for the crew. The 330 lumens will light the way so you're not tripping over the ground. And the stretchy headband makes for an easy, comfy fit.

If you work off a laptop at night, this USBA flexible light will help save your eyes — though you’ll need a dongle to use it with newer USBC connections. But where it really shines is nighttime grilling. Connect it to a power bank and flood the grill’s surface with 100 lumens of natural-looking light that you can bend to cast exactly where you need it — which works way better than holding a flashlight between your teeth.

This pop-open nylon shade houses lightweight 300 lumen LEDs for a bright, diffused light you can hang in trees, from under a patio umbrella, or a pergola. It's dimmable, so you can set the mood from full moon to soft glow, and with a 15-foot cord, you can stagger the heights if you get more than one.

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