The Supersoaker Barrage Is the Best Water Gun To Buy This Summer

The pump action water gun is the best soaker that ever did soak.

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Whether you’re engaging in a bit of backyard fun or an all-out neighborhood water war, complete with balloon-hurling ranks and a sprinkler battalion, the right water gun can turn the tide of any battle. Said gun needs to be high capacity (so you’re not filling it up every five minutes), able to do damage from both long distances and short (because you never know where a battle will take you) and it has to have a pressure pump (because, well, that’s just so damn satisfying). For us, the gun that nails all these criteria is the Nerf Soaker Barrage.

The Nerf Super Soaker Barrage holds 84 fluid ounces of water, which, yes, is exactly 14 Capri Sun pouches worth of wet. That’s enough ammo to keep you from running to the faucet mid-battle. In addition to the massive reservoir tank, the Super Soaker Barrage is capable of drenching targets from up to 37 feet away and has an adjustable nozzle that changes its spray to effectively soak targets in a variety of oh-so-satisfying ways.

Said nozzle can switch between three modes of water dispersement for whatever brand of aquatic assault suits your strategic position. Distance Mode is perfect for long range targets — at a length of nearly 40 feet, the highly-concentrated stream will continue to marinate your target long after he or she has started to run away. Scatter Mode creates more of a gentle mist-like spray (think: the water version of the Spread Gun from Contra). And if ever you wished you could harness the power of a freshly-uncapped fire hydrant in the palms of your hands, Flood Mode has you covered. While you’ll sacrifice a bit of range, blasting in Flood Mode unleashes a large scale stream.

Last but not least, the Barrage blaster features single-pump action, as opposed to the traditional pressurized mechanism. This means you won’t have to fumble around with a trigger and a pump to get your shot off. Instead, just crank the handle as hard as you can — the force and speed with which you pump determines how hard you can make it rain.

So, the Barrage checks off all our criteria. It’s a toy worthy of summer aquatic warfare, one that’s able to adapt to any situation. Unless someone turns a garden hose on you. Then, you’re on your own.

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