The Best Vintage Han Solo Toys on eBay

Celebrate Han Solo's big-screen return with some classic swag.

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As the release date for Solo: A Star Wars Story approaches like the Death Star in the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit window, there’s a lot of great new Solo-centric merch available. But, if the new Han has you hankering for the old, well, eBay has you covered. The site is filled with vintage Star Wars toys. We’ve scoured eBay harder than a platoon of stormtroopers looking for an R2 unit and have dug up everything from vintage blaster pistols to the 1979 version of the Millennium Falcon. Here are the best vintage Han Solo Star Wars toys on eBay. Just be sure to click first — these items will go fast.

Han Solo Blaster Pistol

Sure, the lightsaber is the most iconic weapon in the Star Wars universe. But, as Han himself said, ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side. This sweet replica of Han’s signature sidearm makes two different laser sounds, which are activated by the pressing of a “secret button” in the pistol grip. An original, in-box blaster can run you between $550 and $600, but there are used models out there for a lot less. Just watch out for Rodian bounty hunters trying to shoot first.

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1979 Millennium Falcon

There are a number of variants of Han’s signature ship out there (with the 2008 “Legacy Collection model perhaps being the most coveted by fans), but the original 1979 version, the one owned by every lucky kid on the block who wasn’t us, is still the nearest and dearest to our hearts. The cockpit seats two figures and the back opens up to reveal a living area, complete with a training remote on a string, a holochess table and false floor perfect for hiding from nosy stormtroopers. Complete versions with all pieces intact are hard to find and even incomplete ones will run you a couple hundred bucks. But it’s worth it to own the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.

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Han Solo with Tauntaun

After Luke is clobbered by a Wampa in The Empire Strikes Back, Han hops on a Tauntaun rides out into a raging blizzard to rescue him, answering warnings of freezing temperatures with a badass, “Then I’ll see you in hell!” This figure from the mid-90s “Power of the Force” recreates that awesome and iconic pair of Han and beast. Sadly, the Tauntaun doesn’t feature the “belly slit” that the 1980s toys did, which allowed for a frozen figure to be tucked inside the creature’s guts to warm up. But they still smell bad on the outside.

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Slave I

Even when he’s frozen in carbonite, Han Solo is still the most awesome smuggler in the galaxy. Boba Fett’s signature ship, comes with a carbonite Han, as well as a cargo ramp to load him up for his trip to Jabba the Hutt. Intact versions are very rare, with mint, in box ships fetching in the four figures for collectors. But you can find a few good deals out there. Sadly, it doesn’t come with a Boba Fett figure, but if you’re ready this article, chances are you’ve got one. Or a dozen.

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Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard Disguise)

If you’re going to celebrate all things Solo, then why not show a little love to one of his old buddies as well? This figure captures the old smoothie as he attempts to make up for his betrayal of Han by disguising himself as a guard in Jabba’s palace. It’s definitely our favorite incarnation of the Lando series of figures and, back in 1983, one of the toughest to track down. Mint versions of this figure are pricey, but not as bank-breaking as others.

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Chewbacca Bandolier Strap

There’s no way we could do a Solo roundup, vintage or otherwise, without giving a nod to our favorite fuzzball with a penchant for laughing it up. This replica of Chewie’s iconic bandolier drapes right over the wearer’s chest. And, instead of holding ammo cartridges, it holds figures. How awesome is that? Or course, at the rate we’re going, we’re probably going to need two or three before Solo hits theaters.

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1978 Han Solo

The mint condition Han from Kenner’s first run costs a cool $1,200 on eBay. Released the year after Star Wars when the toy industry was blindsided by the film’s success, the original figure was one of the most popular in the line and remains highly sought after by collectors. If you just want the scoundrel himself, you can score a reissue 1978 figure for about $40.

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