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The Best Men’s Underwear For Every Type of Guy

Support, comfort, and cooling all in one package for your, um, package.

The best underwear for men are the ones you pull on in the morning and don’t think about all day. They’re comfortable, unobtrusive, breathable, and — how do we put this — able to prevent your nuts from clacking together like a Newton’s cradle. Thankfully, this criteria is not difficult to find. Modern men’s underwear has received a major upgrade over the years thanks to synthetic fabrics that wick sweat and make swamp crotch a thing of the past. Better construction has also allowed brands to cut out such old-school nuisances as waistband chafe and thigh bunch-up. In short, the best men’s underwear has never been better, more comfortable, or more suited to your particular lifestyle. Looking for a casual pair? A pair that’s ideal for working out in? A pair meant for running?  There’s something here for you.

The Best Men’s Underwear

Can you feel those summer temps coming? Get your battle plan ready now with SAXX's latest, which is cut from a special synthetic fabric that augments your body's natural cooling mechanism. Of course, being SAXX, it also includes its special pouch for your boys and a legendarily comfortable cut.

Culprit makes a great pair of undies: exceptionally breathable, supportive, soft, and cut in California in an eco-friendly, vertical mill. But its patterns are like no other. Coming thick and fast, they're colorful and hilarious, and if you can't have fun with your undergarments, what else is left?

It used to be you could get cotton prints or staid wool undies. Smartwool had already pushed the boundaries of what can wool can be used for, so it's no surprise that it's also pushing the limits of what it can look like. These soft merino trunks use a touch of nylon for comfort and stretch while retaining the fiber's legendary odor-fighting, uber-breathable performance. They're pricey but worth it.

We've found it: the best underwear for running. Thanks to a silicone leg-gripper at the bottom of each, these stay put regardless of distance or intensity. The synthetic fabric wicks moisture and breathes incredibly well, while the seamless construction is guaranteed against chafing.

Nike updated its training undies for this year, blending cotton with synthetic spandex for a breathable-yet-natural feel. Its wide waistband keeps it in place regardless of whether you're in the final minute of an EMOM or hour two of an online conference.

For the brief-cut aficionado (including this writer), Icebreaker represents the peak of the form, tweaking the classic silhouette into an attractive package for your package. Cut from moisture-wicking, stink-destroying merino wool that is as itch-free as any other fabric, these are always a treat to wear.

The ideal workout underwear, these polyester-spandex briefs are extremely comfortable and utilize proprietary tech to wick moisture. Nice touches abound, including a tag-less, soft waistband (to avoid chafing), a double-lined pouch (to prevent your boys bouncing around) and reinforced thighs that don’t get all bunched up.

Made from of a modal/spandex blend, these briefs feature a breathable, multi-panel design that ensures a snug fit without any tugging, pulling, bunching, or bouncing.

This underwear is ideal for pretty much anyone, but especially guys who sweat excessively. They’re soft, incredibly breathable, and odor-resistant and have a big pouch that does an excellent job of keeping your thighs from rubbing against the family jewels. Just note: they tend to fit on the looser side, so size accordingly.

Made from 95 percent bamboo, these briefs stay cool and breathe well. But it’s the oh-so-soft material that made them stand out amidst the junk-covering pack. Wearing them feels like draping your nethers in a silk pillow case. One bummer: There’s no opening in the fly, so prepare to do the awkward pull-down when you need to pee.

Made from a soft modal fabric — a natural material sourced from beechwood trees that has a similar feel to cotton — these direct-to-consumer undies are incredibly stretchy and breathable. Thanks to flatlock stitching, there’s also little to rub you the wrong way. We also like MeUndies' pop culture patterns and seasonal themes, as well as the monthly subscription model, which knocks a third off each pair’s price while ensuring your draws are always fresh.

If you plan on hiking, camping, or going for runs, these are the athletic men's underwear for you. They're made from a blend of polyester and elastane, have an articulated mesh fly, and are incredibly breathable. They’re also free of back and side seams, which adds additional comfort. Note: They tend to run a bit small, so it’s smart to size up.

Traveler's favorite ExOfficio released an updated version of its favorite, with an updated odor treatment to the synthetic mesh. Flatlock seams are near chafe-proof, while the company's focus of men on the move ensure breathability as well as ease of cleaning, no special laundry load required.

Where to begin? These briefs keep everything contained. They're made from non-pilling, 360 stretch micro modal and spandex fabric. They're breathable and stay dry. And there's a contour pouch to keep everything in place so nothing bunches or rides up.

Proving that time doesn’t stand still, Hanes has tweaked its classic with a small adjustment that brings it into the modern era. They’ve gotten rid of the classic scrunched elastic waistband for a smooth brief-style option and also breathe better thanks to a cotton-poly blend.

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