The Best Men’s Underwear For Every Type of Guy

Support, comfort, and cooling all in one package for your, um, package.

by Jon Gugala
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Four of the best mens underwear pictured against a light colored background

The best underwear for men are the ones you pull on in the morning and don’t think for the rest of a long, hard day. They’re comfortable, unobtrusive, breathable, and — how do we put this — able to prevent your nuts from adhering to the side of your leg like a piece of gum on a summer sidewalk. Thankfully, this criteria is easier to find than ever before. Modern men’s underwear has received a major upgrade over the years thanks to synthetic fabrics that wick sweat and make swamp crotch and ball stick things of your childhood past. Better construction has also allowed brands to cut out such old-school nuisances as waistband chafe and thigh bunch-up. In short, the best men’s underwear has never been better, more comfortable, or more suited to your particular lifestyle. Looking for something useful every day? For working out? Logging long miles while running? There’s something here for every situation and every guy.

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