The Best Treehouse Kits, Plans, and Books

Summer is treehouse season. Here's what you need to give your kid an elevated sanctuary of their own, right in the backyard.

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A DIY treehouse is what childhood dreams are made of, and tree house kits make their construction easier for you, the dad whose feet are not planted in dreamland. If your child is ready for a Sandlot-like structure, rather than winging it (trust us, you do not want to “wing” a weight-bearing arboreal hideaway), it’s time to consult the pros. Thankfully, since your own childhood all manner of books and kits are available. The more expensive will deliver everything you need, down to the last screw, to your front porch. Others are akin to schematics, entrusting you to navigate the aisles of a Lowe’s or Home Depot to gather supplies yourself. Whichever method you select, all these kits can withstand the buffeting winds of childhood as well as the real-world danger of cooties and the assault of girls. With the weather starting to cool, now’s the time to break out the circular saw and tuck that marking pencil behind your ear to build a structure that your son or daughter will remember well after he or she is grown. Let the hammering and sawing begin.

The Best Treehouse Kits

The Best Treehouse Plans

The Best Treehouse Books

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