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The Most Rugged Stroller Wagons for Everyday Adventures With Kids

The best stroller wagons are hybrids — tough enough for adventure, but with all the kid-friendly amenities of a double stroller.

We all like to think of ourselves as minimalists, but when it comes to adventuring with your child and stroller in tow, there’s always a seeming need for just a little bit more. And warm weather is here, which means outings to the beach and park. To haul all the baby backups and accoutrements, parents have long been fans of the hardy and versatile stroller wagon. The best stroller wagons offer comfort and utility, and have a weight limit that will accommodate kids well into toddlerhood.

Rugged, practical, and spacious, you’ll find all the room you need and more for both baby and belongings in this workhorse hybrid over the coming months. (The Keenz stroller wagon, for example, has a max capacity of 110 pounds.) Modern stroller wagons are hybrids: They let you either push them like a stroller, or pull them like a wagon, and most have all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a premium stroller. They’re spacious, fit multiple kids with ease, have ample storage and all the safety accouterments (like harnesses) you need, and they actually look pretty damn cool. Also worth noting: It’s summer, and due to COVID-related production delays, many of these are currently out of stock, but will be restocked in July and August. 

Storage, storage, and more storage: This wagon has a soft parent storage console, a removable center console, and outer storage pockets. And there's a flip over basket that can be attached to the front or rear of the wagon, to haul even more stuff. Plus a canopy with mosquito netting. It goes from push to pull mode, of course. It fits two kids, with a max weight limit of 110 pounds.

This may not look like your typical wagon, but we dig the new Cybex offering because it covers so many bases. First off, plenty of storage, both for your tech and your kid's toys. Secondly, it has an adjustable cabin height, which leads to an adjustable center of gravity, so you can push it on different terrains with maximum ease. You can use it for hands-free running, cycling or cross-country skiing. Plus, the silicone handle is adjustable, won't heat up when exposed to the sun, and is slip-proof. There's an adjustable sun shield and a rain cover. The weight limit is 48 pounds.

A burly stroller that's a handsome workhorse, this one has face-to-face seats, an adjustable handlebar, a one-step folding design, and an adjustable UV-protected canopy. The front wheels have suspension and bearings, meaning you'll get a smooth ride on any surface. The door has a front zipper, for easy in and out. it weighs 55 pounds, and has a weight limit of 200 pounds. That's a lot of kid.

When you flip the handle, this model goes from stroller mode to wagon mode. It has all-terrain wheels, UPF 50+ canopies, an interior tray for sharing snacks and drinks, individual wheel brakes, an adjustable three-position telescoping handlebar, and an exterior basket for your phone and other tech. Each seat holds a child up to 55 pounds, with a total weight limit of 120 pounds.

The Veer is one of the best, if not the best, stroller wagons you can buy because it's handsome, hardy, and versatile. The Veer can be pushed or pulled, it's got a weight capacity of 55 pounds per seat, and each seat has a built-in area for snacks and treats and a collapsible footwell. The snack tray is removable. The handlebar is adjustable and locks when the Veer is being pushed. It stands upright when folded. And aesthetically, it's truly a standout. Plus, it's built for all-terrain outings and adventures.

While this wagon isn't the lightest, at 33 pounds, it's one of the more feature-rich on this list. Its individual seats keep your up to two children secure with padded, five-point harnesses. When not in use, seats flip down into the body, making it a double-duty gear-hauler. It also includes a drop-down footwell, allowing children to relax in what it claims is a more natural sitting position.

While it's rigid and robust, the latest iteration by Keenz is shockingly lightweight and opens with the push of a button. Comfortably seating two securely in five-point harnesses, its ball-bearing wheels are so smooth your children will be off to dreamland in no time. The soft handlebar features a one-touch brake for safety.

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