The Most Rugged Stroller Wagons for Everyday Adventures With Kids

The best stroller wagons are hybrids — tough enough for adventure, but with all the kid-friendly amenities of a double stroller.

by Donna Freydkin
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a rugged stroller wagon against a blue background

We all like to think of ourselves as minimalists. But just try carting your child around a festival and then get back to us. The reality is, sometimes we need to carry more and for longer. And that’s why love having a stroller wagon ready to serve. The best stroller wagons make hauling all the baby backups and accoutrements a breeze, and there’s often enough space for you to stow something for yourself, doubling their usefulness. They’re often collapsible, making that commute to your destination a cinch. So whether you’ve got an all-day event on the horizon or just want to be ready for an unplanned renaissance fair, music festival, or block party, it’s time to prepare now with a rugged, robust, and foldable stroller wagon.

Modern stroller wagons are hybrids: They let you either push them like a stroller, or pull them like a wagon, and most have all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a premium stroller. They’re spacious, fit multiple kids with ease, have ample storage and all the safety accouterments (like harnesses) you need, and they actually look pretty damn cool.

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