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The Best Sports Gifts for Kids This Christmas

Gifts that will help little athletes punch, swing, shoot, and, most of all, get more out of their sport of choice.

If you’re searching for the perfect Christmas gift for a sports-obsessed kid, the hard part’s already over. While many parents try to make screen time more active or beg children to go outside, your biggest worry is how to coax them into a bath. The best sports gifts for boys and girls this season fuel the obsession, funneling desire into action and possibly a deep playoff run. From punching bags and pitching machines to soccer goals and hockey-puck flingers, this list contains sports gifts for kids of all disciplines — and families who just want to bond over some healthy competition. Whether you’ve got a Black Mamba Jr. or a Megan-Rapinoe-in-training, we’ve got what they need to develop a Beast Mode against the competition.

Train the next Great One to go top shelf and five-hole with this target by Bauer. Stretch it over your child's hockey net and he or she can develop the technique with ball or puck to score at will. It's made from 18,000-denier reinforced polyester and a PVC backing to withstand those near-misses.

It's time to retire that worn-out first mitt and upgrade with this premium package by Rawlings. Ideal for infielders and pitchers, its soft leather trap is ready for marathon long toss sessions with minimal break-in. We especially appreciated the made-in-the-U.S. leather laces.

While not nearly regulation, this portable hoop is perfect for those practice-after-practices in the driveway or cul-de-sac. Its smaller 52-inch acrylic backboard is much easier to store away, and it's shatterproof in case your kid pulls the whole thing over (however unlikely, thanks to the water-filled base). For younger children or particularly ambitious dunk contests, its height can be adjusted from 10 feet down to 7.5.

Designed to maximize power and distance while simultaneously sounding like a Nick Jr.-friendly rapper, Callaway’s junior clubs sport an increased hosel offset. This helps young golfers square the face on impact — a recipe for greater accuracy. This set of seven clubs, available for both girls or boys, is designed to make mastering liftoff a snap, since the faster a young player stops whacking ground balls the higher the likelihood they’ll stick with the sport.

Mighty Mouse ain't got shit on your mini-MMA star. Fill its base with sand or water and your child can hammer away at its high-impact foam core covered by a durable nylon cover. Depending on needs, it's adjustable from 37 to 52 inches. The rounded base makes it easy to move even when filled (approx. 170 pounds with water).

Most children's sports require a certain amount of hand-eye coordination, and this handy tool is a perfect way to improve the skill over the long winter months. Its round pods ensure that each impact sends it in a new direction, improving reaction times. It's also soft, making it a safe means of foundational development in a home environment.

Hotter than hand sanitizer and TP, bikes have been a scarce commodity in 2020. Schwinn's new release is designed for fast-growing and -learning children, with removable training wheels that encourage progression, soft front suspension, and a single-speed, rear coaster brake design.

This kick scooter is lean, yet stable and, as a special bonus, has a LED motion-activated light-up wheels. It can hold up to 110 pounds worth of kid, and has an adjustable T-bar that can accomodate a growing child.

Sometimes you can't throw all the balls. This pitching machine, officially licensed by MLB, tosses a baseball every seven seconds. It's height-adjustable and is an excellent way for young hitters to improve their game.

An ideal gift for any soccer obsessed This six by four-foot option from SKLZ is the right size for average backyards. The goals are easy to set up and break down with steel stakes that keep it in place no matter how powerful your kid's kick becomes.

Have a little slugger that's just getting used to swinging a bat? This pop-and-pitch set includes the pop-a-pitch machine with tee attachment, a collapsible 22 inch plastic bat, and three aero-strike baseballs. The height is adjustable from 21 to 25 inches.

Consider this the next-gen version of Wiffle Ball. The hexagonal paneled design of the ball makes it easy for young pitchers to throw sliders, curveballs, change-ups, and even knuckleballs. The power bat evens the score, giving hitters the chance to whack pitches up to 200 feet. That's far. Very far.

Mobile gaming meets old-fashioned IRL play with the Impossible Gameball. This connected playground ball syncs with users phones to keep score for myriad games designed to get kids moving like 'Skyscraper,' a vertical limit challenge, or jostle — a clever take on keep-away. Kids can play solo or with friends, and when the Gameball runs low on juice, no need to break for a snack ⏤ the rapid charger can get it back in action with just a 20-second pit stop.

For parents worried about letting their kids play football, kicker is the position with the lowest probability of getting hurt. It can't hurt to steer them in that direction early. These 6’4

When your young climber is ready to take pulling plastic to the next level, it's time for a starter kit like this one by Black Diamond. Including a harness, chalk and bag, carabiner, and belay device, it's everything he or she will need save shoes to get ready for the outdoor season in 2021. Also, it's a hell of a lot cheaper than renting every time your child goes to the rock gym.