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Best Safe Space Heaters For Large and Small Rooms

You'll stay warm and toasty with our top picks.

When it’s frigid outside and annoyingly drafty inside, nothing warms your home (or feet) faster than a handy space heater.

There are two main types of space heaters: radiant and convection. The radiant variety are perfect for spot-heating and work most efficiently for short periods of time. Convection heaters, meanwhile, are ideal for warming up entire rooms.

The biggest thing to keep in mind, however, is safety, so get a space heater with a sensor that shuts off if it overheats and you’re not home to do it yourself. And if you have pets or kids, who tend to mess with things that are potentially hazardous, make sure it has an off switch that does the same if the heater tips over.

If possible, look for one with a timer, a temperature setting and a remote control, so you can monitor it from afar (or rather, another room, without ever leaving your bed). A fan is a great feature, because it will distribute heat more quickly. And a timer is a solid addition, so you can pre-set the appliance exactly to your specifications and come home to an optimally-heated home.

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With those factors in mind, we took a look at the some of the best units around that’ll check those boxes and keep you toasty warm as long as you need. 

Let's face it. Most space heaters are not exactly gonna wow you with design. But this one has a very cool vibe.

Pros: A solid heater from a trusted brand, this UberHeat ceramic heater gives off 1500 watt heat in a compact, modern design. It’s great for tables or floors and has two heat settings. 

Cons: It’s on the noisy side.

We realize the Dyson is an investment. But its perfection, whether you run it to heat your room or cool it. It has an app that's ridiculously easy to use, and let's you control temps to your exact needs and wants.

Pros: Not only is the Dyson a space heater and cooler, it’s also an air purifier. The sealed HEPA filter captures 99. 97 percent of allergens as small as 0. 3 microns, so you essentially get three appliances in one. It oscillates so heat is evenly spread out, and unlike other apps that don’t actually work, this one does, with ease.

Cons: The price makes this a long-term investment.

So on a purely superficial level, the retro design is super-cool. But this heater totally delivers. It features vortex technology that circulates warm air evenly throughout a room, two heat settings, and auto shutoff and tip-over protection.

Pros: Sturdy construction that will stand the test of time.

Cons: Not meant for large spaces.

This pint-sized powerhouse puts out plenty of heat at the same time it exceeds industry safety standards by featuring a 360-degree tip-over switch as well as overheat protection. Fans like the remote control, which allows them to adjust the programmable thermostat accordingly without having to walk over to the unit.

Pros: The cool touch carrying handle makes moving it from one spot to another a cinch.

Cons: Reviewers note that when placed on the low setting, it sometimes heats continuously even after reaching the  desired temperature.

Safe around children and pets, Dr. Heater uses a dual-heating system that combines the energy efficiency of infrared technology with convection heat to warm up your space quickly and comfortably. This unit can heat up to 1,000 square feet and allows owners to set their ideal temperature between 50 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pros: Offers up a nice range of heating options.

ConsSome reviewers found that the unit’s thermostat didn’t match with the actual temperature in the room, leaving them a few degrees warmer or cooler than desired.

Thanks to its 25-inch height and oscillation feature, this heater distributes warm air evenly throughout the room, keeping owners nice and comfortable. An easy-to-clean filter ensures the unit runs efficiently so it’s not wasting energy. The set-it-and-forget it easy-to-program timers let you decide when you’d like the unit to turn on or shut off.

Pros: With the touch of a button, consumers can easily shift the sweep angle to divert warm air to another area of the room so they don’t experience hot spots or cold patches.

ConsCustomers who’ve experienced issues with their units have noted that Lasko’s customer service team isn’t as responsive as they’d like.

If you don’t have a fireplace but long for the look and ambiance, here’s an interesting and affordable alternative that boasts an adjustable thermostat as well as safety tip-over and overheating protection. This unit heats a space of up to 400 square feet quickly.

Pros: In addition to high and low settings, this unit features a flame-only option, which can be used without heat. So if you’re craving that soothing ski lodge vibe without additional warmth, you’ve got it.

Cons: But you don’t get a remote control, so you actually have to get up and manage this thing yourself.

If you’re looking for something more decorative than industrial-looking, this elegant space heater is an attractive addition to any room. Its easy-to-read thermostat can be set to your ideal temperature, while its auto-off timer offers convenience and peace of mind. The unit comes with a three-year warranty.

Pros: The cool-touch exterior ensures this unit is safe around children and pets.

Cons: Some consumers noted a plastic smell that dissipated after the unit was on for a few minutes.

This may not be the sexiest option, but you'll appreciate it when it warms up your oversized living room. It's got snap-on wheels and three heat settings, to make sure you're always in cozy comfort. Plus, it has a low surface temperature, so no little scalded hands here.The oil system is permanently sealed, so you don't need to worry about refilling this heater.

Pros: When used properly, and given ample time to heat an area, works like the proverbial charm.

Cons:  This is not a high-output heater that blows out hot air on command. It produces steady radiant heat, so read this before you buy it, and temper expectations accordingly.

This stunner of a space heater has vortex technology that fully circulates warm air evenly throughout a small and medium-sized room, so every corner is nice and toasty.

Pros: Space heaters aren’t known for their good looks, but this Vornado heater is one of the few exceptions. It has an adjustable tilt setting, two heat settings, a cool-touch case, two-stage auto shutoff, and tipover protection.

Cons: It looks great, but its heat output isn’t up to par, for those who like their spaces really warm.

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