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The 8 Best Sleep Apps and Meditation Apps That Relax Kids

These sleep and meditation apps will put your kid in a sleepy state of mind.

Is your kid immune to Samuel L. Jackson screaming, “go the f–k to sleep?” Has the eternal bedtime struggle returned? If your bedtime stories don’t get your kid to sleep, consider letting your iPhone intervene. No matter the kind of sleep aid your kid requires, there’s an app that can help them get to sleep and stay asleep. There are apps that soothe babies to sleep with white noise, some that play drowsiness inducing nursery rhymes and bedtime stories, and others that guide kids through age-appropriate meditations. Whether your kid needs white noise or sleep music, or you just want to enhance the bedtime story experience, there’s a sleep app for kids that can help. Because when the kids are well-rested, everyone fairs better.

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Sleep Apps for Babies

Baby Shusher

Babies respond well to white noise, particularly being shushed. This app will go lung-for-lung to match a baby’s volume when they start crying and allows parents to record their own shushes. Plus, the Baby Shusher doesn’t do its white noise thing in the same passive-aggressive manner of an overtired parent.
$4.99 (iOS)

Sleep Hero

Stop the lullaby karaoke-on-demand and just get the Sleep Hero app. You can select from a list of pre-recorded sounds, or upload your own nursery rhymes, sleep songs, and stories. When your baby starts wailing, the sleep app responds by playing your selections. One downside: If they start getting bored listening to the same tracks over and over again, there’s pressure on you to record a follow-up album. And you know those are never as good as the debut.
About $2.78 (iOS)

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Sleepy Sounds

Remember those Pink Floyd laser shows at your local planetarium? If you can, this sleep app will bring back memories. Sleepy Sounds not only lets you play lullabies and soothing nature sounds on a loop, but it also displays an animated mobile to light up your kid’s room. Whether or not the sleep music syncs up with The Wizard of Oz remains to be seen.
Free (iOS) (Android)

Sleep Meditations for Kids

Headspace For Kids

A meditation app might sound like some Eat, Pray, Love BS, but there’s nothing ridiculous about a mentally mindful, calm kid. Headspace now offers kiddie editions of its popular breathing and visualization exercises. There’s an entire sleep section with kids sleep meditations, soundtracks, and white noise. Customized for kids five and under, six-to-eight, and nine-to-12, former Buddhist monk and professional calm person Andy Puddicombe will talk some sense into your preschooler.
Free (iOS) (Android) (Amazon)

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Calm for Kids

Sleep Meditations for Kids

If you can’t decide between a story or meditation app, this could be the app for you. Yoga and Montessori teacher Christaine Kerr, founder of Calm for Kids, leads takes your kid through a story meditation with soft music playing in the background. It’s meant for kids ages 12 and below, but you may find yourself falling asleep to the app, too.
Free (iOS)

Sleep Stories for Kids

Nighty Night

Designed by Oscar-nominated animator and illustrator Heidi Wittlinger, Nighty Night is a narrated story app about what barnyard animals do when the lights go out. (Like stage an allegory about the 1917 Russian Revolution?) As your kids watch the animals fall asleep in their stalls, they’ll hopefully follow suit. And, just like on a real farm, they’ll also be up with the rooster.
$3.99 (iOS) (Android) (Amazon)

Novel Effect

Novel Effect

Everyone knows books would be better if music played behind the narration just like the movies. Well, practice your best Don LaFontaine, because this sleep app plays original music and sound effects to go along with select children’s books. Just choose a book in the app and start reading. Its voice recognition software will pick up where you are in the story and start playing tunes. Books on the app include Where the Wild Things AreCat in the Hat, and Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day.
Free (iOS)

Sleep Apps for Kids


This all in one app contains soothing audio stories (with narrators like Goldie Hawn), meditations, music, and white noise. Each audio journey is carefully designed with sleep in mind. As stories progress, they’re read slower and sleepier and background noise quiets, and music tracks gently fade to avoid abrupt silence.  It’s free to download, and a premium subscription unlocks new and additional content and allows users to download tracks and use the app on up to three devices.

(iOS) (Android) (Amazon)

Daniel Tiger’s Night and Day

Daniel Tiger's Night and Day

Bedtime preparation is about routine. This sleep app from PBS Kids helps your kid develop the habit of getting ready to sleep and go to school in the morning. With songs and games, your kid helps Daniel Tiger take a bath, brush his teeth, and pick out what PJs to wear before he hits the sack. There’s also a calming bedtime story, told and sang to your kid as they assist Daniel with floating through the clouds.
$2.99 (iOS)(Amazon)