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The Best Silicone Wedding Rings for Men Who Don’t Want to Lose a Finger

Lead an active lifestyle? These replacement rings tell the world you're taken — and protect your finger from a gruesome fate.

Wedding rings are an age-old symbol of commitment and marriage. However, for anyone who leads an active lifestyle or regularly works with machinery, these little metal bands can pose serious danger. The solution is silicone rings, otherwise known as silicone wedding bands.

For instance, if you injure yourself and your finger is sliced or swelling, a ring can be torturous — and torturously painful — to remove. Then there’s also the fact that if you slip and the ring accidentally catches on something — wooden framing, or say, a rock face — you could lose most of your skin. Why? Simple physics: your body is still moving but your ring isn’t. This is called “degloving”— and it’s as disgusting as it sounds. Don’t Google it. 

Now, you can certainly just leave your jewelry at home. But a lot of people are opting for silicone wedding rings as a way of being cautious while still telling the world they’re taken. As they’re made from synthetic polymer, the rings — which are affordable and often come in packs of three — are flexible enough to be removed easily if there’s swelling. They also snap under stress to help save your finger from a gruesome fate. All these rings are inherently similar, so pick the one that suits your style the best. 

Inspired by the mythical creature that roams the Himalayan Mountains, this ring is a light blue-gray color and has a slight metallic sheen that will pop on your finger.

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It also has small channels on the inside to ensure that your ring finger breathes and stays dry.

When you need backups, get this set of three silicone rubber wedding bands.

The color combos add a nice touch of drama, particularly the gray that’s offset by the orange.

This wedding ring is made from medical-grade, hypoallergenic silicone.

The selling points here are the price, the pattern, and the camo print that’s wraparound.

This understated silver silicone wedding band is both hypoallergenic and flexible.

For the price of these silicone wedding rings, you really cannot go wrong.

These silicone wedding rings are curved on the inside to promote air circulation.

These silicone wedding bands are extra-comfortable because they’re made from  micro-blasted moulds; the smooth inner surface doesn’t trap moisture, which is a bonus.

These silicone wedding rings stand out because they're actually breathable.

You can wear this silicone wedding ring while you’re working out. And thanks to its unique rhombic texture, you get actual air circulation around the skin.

Want a more traditional looking ring? Saferingz offers a variety of classic silicone rings in colors that better resemble standard wedding bands.

The gunmetal collection rings especially have a slight sheen to them. 

QALO makes a variety of no-nonsense rings that don’t shine or otherwise stand out.

The black step edge ring has a simple barrel design. It’s made of a pliable, medical grade silicone that’s more resistant to automotive fluids and cleaning chemicals than other rings.

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