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This Rock-Solid Wifi Router Makes Life Easier When You’re Working From Home

No more glitchy Zoom meetings.

Back in the olden days, what we like to call the Before days, we’d convene in offices, print with impunity, and meet in person. But now that everyone who can is working from home, at least for the foreseeable future, reliable, fast internet is as much a necessity as hand sanitizer and face masks. And with remote learning starting back, it’s yet another reason why every family needs to invest in the best wifi router for your home, which means a home router that is easy to install, easier to manage, and comes with ample security features tailored for your entire family.

At its most basic, a great home router acts as a dispersion point. Internet comes in through a central cable line or fiber network to the router, which then beams it out into your home. Its range, the number of devices it can handle, and the speed with which it handles those devices, however, can vary greatly on the age and quality of your equipment. Putting it another way, you can’t buy high-tech devices without also buying a high tech router (at least if you want everything to work the way it should).

This router is easy to set up, covers a ton of space, and lets parents manage their kids' internet usage.

But when you have two parents, plus plugged-in kids, at home all day, every day, things don’t work like they should. Zoom calls are glitchy, at best. Email is slow to load. Video downloads at a glacial pace. That’s where the eero mesh router comes in. It’s a smart investment as most schools revert back to some form of remote learning. Which means more people, using more devices, at the same time. And that, in turn, means everyone in your home needs faster internet.

Some devices require a degree in engineering to set up. Not the eero. It’s literally plug and play. You plug it into your modem. You download the app. The app guides you through set up. It tells you where to place the additional devices so you don’t have dead zones at home. You’re up and running in under 10 minutes. The mesh network covers 5,000 square feet of space. That’s a lot of space. It works when you’re in the yard, which is a bonus for mid-day fatigue or if, like me, you just need a sanity break from your kid for a hot minute.

Another solid router, this one covers 5,500 square feet. You can connect up to 100 devices to it, get buffer-free 4K streaming and online gaming, and use the app to set up parental controls and a guest network.

And here’s the absolute bonus for parents: The eero is also a solid parental control device. The app shows you which devices are connected to your network, and who’s using them, in real time. Example: I sent my kid to bed the other night and he snuck his iPad with him, thinking he’d pull a fast one. Not so much. The app showed me that he was online, and he was busted. The app lets parents set schedules, create profiles for kids’ laptops or tablets, or if things really get crazy, shut off the internet so the entire family can reboot.

Another great option is the Google Nest router. It's a breeze to setup, totally expandable, and can handle multiple 4K video streams simultaneously. It can cover up to 2200 square feet, has local home connectivity, and solid controls using the app.

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