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Best Pool Floats for Kids

From avocados and Millenium Falcons to giant dragons and water-gun equipped planes.

Be it the classic, donut-shaped ring or an homage to pop culture, the pool float is an undeniable summer accessory. What’s not to love about the inflatable toy, which, thanks to the Instagram-propelled coolness of kicking back on one, now come in more shapes, sizes, and colors than there are emojis? The right pool float is the ideal lazy-summer-day chair, sure.

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Pool floats are also great for having fun with the kids: pushing them around for aquatic adventures or using one as a swim-up hiding place during a particularly aggressive game of Marco Polo. To help you find a pool float for your needs, we’ve rounded up our favorite pool floats, from giant three-person crafts to smaller ones with big personality. Just remember: Keep an eye on your kiddos and don’t leave them unsupervised.

It's the pool float Han Solo would use, and it's big enough to hold a Wookiee (we think).

It won’t make the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs, but this Star Wars-inspired pool float will allow you to unwind after a long day of space smuggling.

A giant version of everyone's favorite bath toy, complete with sunglasses.

Look at the cool shades on this rubber duck pool float, which is large enough to fit a group of three. Because water can’t get inside it’ll stay much cleaner than its miniature indoor counterpart.

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If your kid loves Ariel, this is the pool float for them.

Jump in this pool float and keep your legs underwater and you’ll look just like a mermaid. Singing lobsters, fish and problematic gender expectations not included.

The only thing better than chips and guac is eating chips and guac floating on this massive inflatable avocado.

The “pit” of this oh-so-trendy avocado float is actually a removable beach ball that you can toss around. Just remember to put it back — it helps the pool float from turning brown. Kidding.

This inflatable dog is as long as seven footlongs, and it comes fully dressed with decorative condiments.

For our money, the hot dog is still the official food of summer. By that thinking, this 84-inch frank is the official pool float of summer. Just look at the detailing on that ketchup!

You'll feel like the king of dragons on this golden float with a huge wingspan.

This massive golden dragon float, which is 103-inches wide, might take up a sizable chunk of your pool. But if you didn’t want to draw attention to yourself, why would you have a massive golden dragon pool float in the first place?

Until you hit the lottery and can get the real deal, this inflatable yacht offers plenty of summertime fun, no marina slip required.

Tell your kids refer to you “captain” as you lounge on this spacious pool float which includes a compartment for icing down drinks. They probably won’t listen, but it’s still worth a shot.

The detail of this t-rex's chompers alone make us big fans of this Jurassic pool float, which is large enough for two adults.

The T. Rex is the king of the dinosaurs, and this float will make you king of your pool. It’s 70 inches from nose to tail, and the uselessness of its tiny arms is true to the fearsome beast itself.

The handles on top make this gator a great choice for even the most turbulent of waters (like when your kids and their friends decide to try simultaneous cannonballs).

We don’t recommend putting a real alligator in your pool. The chlorine isn’t great for them and the potential for dismemberment isn’t great for you. This inflatable version is way less dangerous and much more fun.

For those times when relaxation gets boring, fire at will with these water gun-equipped floats with wings that make them stable floaters.

These plane-shaped floats have a built-in water gun that draws water directly from the pool. If you don’t buy at least two and have an aquatic dogfight then you’re doing it wrong.

Lame: riding a mechanical bull in a bar. Awesome: riding a swimmer-shaken bull in the pool.

Turn your pool into a rodeo (or at least a country-western bar) with this inflatable toy. It’s not as relaxing as most of the options on this list, but it’s a great game to play if you’re hosting a pool party for competitive people. Just make sure you won’t hit anything when you inevitably get tossed into the water.

One of the most affordable floats out there from a high quality brand.

At $6, you can afford to buy a whole fleet of these, which are great for smaller kids and adults who like to flip over into the water. They’re wide and stable, and there’s a heavy duty handle that make it easy to hoist yourself up from the pool.

The huge plumage on this inflatable peacock is completely unnecessary and completely awesome. Nothing will make you feel more like the master of your domain than peacocking around your pool.

This float holds up to two people, which makes relaxation a team sport. Or betray your comrade, flip them off the side, and spread out with the peacock all to yourself.

Kids will be obsessed with zooming around on this motorized lounger.

This float has dual 66W motors with independent joystick controls at the end of each armrest. As we’ve seen with ride-on toys and motorized scooters, the fun of getting around with the help of a motor is something kids love.

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