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Castles, Clubhouses, Forts, and More Amazing Indoor Playhouses for Kids

They set up easily, are affordable and provide an easy activity when you're cooped up inside all day.

Whether built in the backyard or erected in the middle of a living, these kids’ tents, forts, teepees, tunnels, and playhouses not only offer a place for a kid to hide out and sharpen their imagination but also an easy way for you to occupy time when the family’s inside all day and options are limited. All of the models below are affordable (as in under $60), easy to set up, and appeal to a larger variety of interests. Plus, most of these fit multiple kids inside and can even double as sleeping quarters for next overnight. In other words, they’re great. So, here are the best indoor playhouses, kids tents, and castles for children.

Petra Tunnel Play Tent

The two tents that come in this play set are easily connected by a tunnel to form the perfect hangout spot for your child with or without their friends. Each of the two rooms has their own external entrances, floors, and covered ceilings through which they can crawl and hang out. It folds into its own carrying case less than one inch thick for simple storage and sets up in seconds. There are four different patterns to choose from and the fabric is easy to clean. Good for ages two and up.

Buy Now $35

POCO DIVO Crown Princess Castle

Blow your kid’s mind with their very own kingdom with this simple to assemble pink palace. They can easily hold court with several friends inside this roomy tent that has two large windows, floor, a peaked roof, and roll-down door. Nice addition: if you set it up outside on cooler days the mesh windows will keep the bugs away. Good for ages three and up.

Buy Now $15

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Pacific Play Tents Kids Clubhouse

This cloth shed looks like something where kids in a Steven King novel would go to hatch schemes. By that, we mean it’s awesome. The roomy interior can fit a pack of kids as well as some small furniture and toys. Made with durable 70 denier polyester, it can take the beating, and the mesh ceiling panel allows you to keep an eye on the escapades without having to open one of the two doors and crawl inside. It also can accommodate a tunnel attachment to connect it to other playsets. Good for ages three to fifteen.

Buy Now $50

Trademark Innovations Giant Teepee

At six-foot tall, the four walls and large opening of this teepee will seem enormous to young kids, and work perfectly with a strand or two of Christmas lights decorating the roof. There is a window on the backside and a roll-out floor, but the best feature may be the that the white cotton canvas exterior also works doubles as a painting surface so your kids can make it their own with some designs from water or oil-based paints. Good for ages four and up.

Buy Now $85

Dexton Great Plains Teepee

Turn out the lights, draw the shades, and the 32 glow-in-the-dark fabric stickers inside this teepee will glow like a mini Milky Way. The six-foot-tall teepee also has canvas fabric that can be painted can, adding more creativity to the cosmos. The entire thing is easy to set up and has one large opening to gain access to the nighttime show inside. Good for kids three to six years old.

Buy Now $60

Playz 5Pc Kids Playhouse Jungle Gym

This simple to build habitrail of fun should keep kids busy for hours. It comes with two separate tents and tunnels, plus an enclosed, open-roofed play area with attached mini basketball hoop. Each part of the structure is wrapped in bright fabric lending a playground feel that will encourage kids to play inside. There are numerous mesh panels for easy breathability, multiple entrances, and you can change the layout whenever your desire. You can even turn the open play area into a giant ball pit if you desire. Good for kids three months and up.

Buy Now $60

Kiddey Knight’s Castle

This pop-up castle has battlements, a pennant flying high, and two large mesh covered windows. There’s also a roll-up door that can be dropped to keep adult invaders (and cheek squeezing relatives) at bay. The interior is spacious enough for several children and their accompanying toys and, if you decide to set it up outside on cooler days, there are four spots to anchor it to the ground, and a floor to keep them from rolling in the grass. Comes with its own storage bag because the best kingdoms must be mobile.  Good for kids eighteen months and up.

Buy Now $30

Fat Brain Toys Crazy Fort

This tinker toy-inspired fort kit takes an old standby — the indoor fort built from blankets and elevates it to a whole new level. Instead of using chairs and couches, you and your child create a framework over which you can drape sheets, blankets, XXXXL t-shirts. It comes with 25 geometric balls and 44  sticks that attach together to create whatever comes to mind.  Good for kids five and older.

Buy Now $50

iBonny Cardboard Car

Part playhouse, part art project, this cardboard car will likely occupy your kids for hours. Inside, there’s room for several kids to hang out and its exterior is made to be attacked with crayons, markers, stickers and other art supplies. It does require a little bit of assembly, but once constructed its simple and sturdy corrugated cardboard design is easy to move and can withstand a beating. Good for kids three to six years old.

Buy Now $38

HearthSong Fantasy Fort

This set is comprised of 32 faux wood panels that both of you can use to build the fort of your kids dreams. Simply attach the panels to each other with the enclosed double-sided velcro connectors through holes in each panel. There even is a carton-building kit to make a two-story tower if desired. When the kids are not playing with it, you can create it’s own holding box out of the twenty-two by twenty-two-inch panels. Good for kids four and up.

Buy Now $70

Playhut Beauty Boutique Tent

A full-service beauty shop awaits inside this purple and pink two-room tent. Well, an imaginary one. Either way, it’s cool: The front waiting/changing room can be accessed from inside the tent by pushing aside a hanging curtain or through the hinged door on the side of the tent. Once inside, kids will encounter a fabric mirror, a window with its own sill, and two large mesh curtains they can tie back. The entire playhouse sets up in minutes, has its own travel bag, and is roomy enough for several friends to pay inside. The back room also can double as a bedroom for sleepovers. Good for kids three and up.

Buy Now $26

SkyNature Pet Clinic

This pet clinic themed tent gives kids the perfect place to haul their stuffed animals in for checkups, cleanings, and general TLC. The brightly colored graphics adorning the outside of the structure lend a fun feel and create a comfortable place for kids to hang out with or without wounded stuffed animals. The whole thing sets up in minutes, has it’s own floor, a large rollback entrance to gain access to the interior, and is big enough to fit several kids. Good for kids three and up.

Buy Now $27

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