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Best Play-Doh Toys

It's one hell of a squishy good time.

Kids are oh so into Play-Doh. What is Play-Doh, you might wonder? The exact recipe is proprietary, but it’s made of  flour, water, salt, borax, and mineral oil and was first manufactured in Cincinnati in the 1930s. Kids bend and squash and pull it to create whatever their little brains dream up.

Here’s a fun fact for parents: more than 950 million pounds, or more than two billion cans, of Play-Doh have been played with since 1956. Of course, Play-Doh has a dark side. Namely, when it comes to being stuck to carpets, couches and bedding. Should that happen, the manufacturer suggests that you let it dry completely, and then loosen it with a stiff brush.

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But let’s not dwell on the negatives here. Play-Doh is nontoxic, cheap, fun, and fosters endless imaginative play. Here are the best Play-Doh sets out there.

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If you get your kid this Baby Shark Play-Doh set, you may not have to listen to the song.

Great for kids ages three and up, this Play-Doh play set lets kids create their own Baby Shark family. Bonus: You don’t have to hear the actual horrendous song.

Child sculptors need this in their Play-Doh arsenal. This 36-pack set includes 36 assorted colors in three-ounce cans. Meaning, you'll never run out. For a while.

This mega-pack of Play-Doh will keep your little artists busy for hours. And hours. It’s an arts and crafts bonanza. If it dries out, add a little water to make Play-Doh squishy again.

Aspiring culinary geniuses can create their own Play-Doh cookies and cupcakes. There's a play mixer, plus frosting and candles. Pretend candles, of course.

There’s nothing as fun as playing with fake food. And this Play-Doh set includes a mixer, stamp attachments, a spatula, a decorating tool, and four cans of Play-Doh. It’s great for kids three and older.

Fans of Toy Story 4 can get some Buzz Lightyear action with this Play-Doh set, which includes five cans of the compound, as well as stamps and molds.

To infinity and beyond! That’s right, this mash-up of Play-Doh and Toy Story 4 lets kids create toy aliens, Woody, Mr. Potato Head, Hamm, and whatever the hell else they want thanks to toy scissors.

So, little Thomas Keller, you need an oven? Then you need this Play-Doh set, which lets chef cook up pretend foods like muffins, casseroles, pizzas, and cakes. Just don't eat it. Please.

Kitchens are key to fostering pretend play. And this Play-Doh cooking set comes with cutters, a knife, fork, spoon, plate, six cans of Play-Doh and food attachments. Dinner is served.

Pasta? Yes please. This Play-Doh set lets kids whip up tons of slinky, squishy, colorful noodles. They just attach a disc to the noodle maker, load the maker with Play-Doh, then press the handle to squeeze different types of pasta out.

Seriously, folks, what’s not to love about this set? Kids churn out spaghetti, but can also make ravioli and use the cutter to make lasagna noodles. Oh, and they learn hand-eye coordination, too.

Kids three years and older can stuff Play-Doh into the whale, press his tail, and watch Play-Doh water shoot out.

Budding marine biologists can also use the molds to create starfish and shells with the cutters, which are included.

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