The Best ‘Peppa Pig’ Games and Toys For Toddlers & Kids

If your kid are pepped up for Peppa Pig, they'll go wild for these toys and games.

Peppa Pig is many things. It’s a popular (and inane) British children’s show about a family of pigs, a dispenser of unsound medical advice, and a casualty of Chinese governmental censorship. Its international popularity means that it’s also a goldmine for game and toy manufacturers. As such, there is no shortage of Peppa Pig merchandise, from bedsheets to piggy banks (obviously). We evaluated your options and picked 10 of the best Peppa Pig games and toys your Peppa-obsessed kids are sure to love.

Peppa Pig Tumble & Spin

Each player in this card game picks a Peppa Pig character (a “friend” in the parlance of the instructions) at the beginning of the game. Each turn begins with a vigorous spin of an electronic talking Peppa Pig figure that, once it lands on a random player, utters one of three commands. They can either help the player by giving him or her a chance to draw more cards or hurt by giving their opponents the chance to steal the friend cards they already have. The winner of the game is the first person to collect all six of their friend cards.

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Peppa Pig Deluxe House

This plastic dollhouse has a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living room areas. It comes with three figures and 15 household play pieces, including bunk beds, a grill, a refrigerator, and a washing machine. The whole thing is hinged, so you can easily store and transport those figures in between uses.

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Peppa Pig Flower Garden Role-Play Set

This kit comes with everything your kids will need to “grow” a plastic garden. They’ll enjoy strapping on the apron with pockets for a handheld shovel and rake. Press the button on the watering can to hear phrases; tip it over to hear the sound of water pouring out. Sure, the three included plastic plants won’t get any taller, but there also isn’t a chance of them dying, which is nice.

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Cra-Z-Art Peppa Pig Travel Magna Doodle

This Peppa Pig-ized version of the Magna Doodle magnetic drawing toy is adorned with characters from the show. The drawing surface reacts to magnets in the included pen and three stamps. The risk of mess is nearly nonexistent, and kids can erase the board over and over again so you won’t need to replenish supplies of paper and art supplies.

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Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles Board Game

This game is a slightly altered version of a memory card game. Instead of making pairs of matching cards, kids roll a jumbo, many-sided die with various Peppa Pig characters on it. After each roll, they find the character among the array of nine jumbo cards unless, of course, they roll a Muddy Puddle which results in the loss of a turn.

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Playhut Peppa Pig Tree House

Playhut makes lightweight structures for kids to play in that are easy to put up and take down. They’re made of fabric stretched around a metal frame that collapses and pops back up with a simple twist. Their Peppa Pig Tree House has graphics from the show on the side and features a transparent crawlspace and a window for kids to look out of.

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Peppa Pig Monopoly Jr.

Here we have a simplified version of Monopoly run through the Peppa Pig branding machine. The properties on the board are each named after a Peppa Pig character, jail is a “traffic jam,” and Chance cards are “Miss Rabbit’s Surprises.” Everyone should learn how to play Monopoly, and this game is a good introduction to the basics.

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Peppa Pig Play Land Ball Pit

It’s not quite the same as a trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s, but this compact ball pit is still a good time. Kids can frolic inside the inflatable pit, which comes with 20 soft-flex balls, surrounded by graphics of their favorite Peppa Pig characters. Holes in the side let them pass balls back and forth to a friend, and the two crawl through openings are convenient for kids who like to move around.

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Peppa Pig Top Trumps Card Game

This game is a Peppa-ized version of War, the card game you got tired of playing long ago. Kids simply deal all of the cards, flip their top card on each turn, and, if it’s the strongest, they take all three. It’s likely sometimes interminable, just like War, but kids who love Peppa Pig won’t get bored easily. As a bonus, the game comes in a tin with an activity pack with mini-games like spot the difference and connect the dots.

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Rollplay Peppa Pig Family Car 6 Volt Ride-On Vehicle

The appeal of ride-on vehicles is well-established. Coupling that joy with the oddly captivating world of Peppa Pig is a recipe for euphoria for dedicated fans of the show. This ride-on vehicle tops out at 1.86 mph, has working LED headlights and, most importantly, Peppa decals on the doors and hood and on-brand “mud” on the exterior near the tires.

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