The 10 Best ‘Paw Patrol’ Toys for Kids

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You know Paw Patrol. Of course you do. You know that the show chronicles a pack of dogs, led by a boy named Ryder, who make it their business to help the people of Adventure Bay get out of various sticky situations. You know that each dog has a specific area of expertise, from firefighting to construction to aviation, that comes in handy on their missions. You sit and watch and wonder where Ryder’s parents are and think about who, exactly, is bankrolling him, and enjoy it with your kids.

What you probably don’t know is which of the available Paw Patrol toys you should buy your kid. Bu rest assured. We sorted through the dozens upon dozens of options and picked ten of our favorites, all of which are sure to delight any kids obsessed with their adventures.

Paw Patrol Pup Pad

This bracelet is a replica of the one Ryder wears and uses to call his team into action. The toy version has a space for “mission cards” and six buttons, each corresponding to one of the dogs. Each card corresponds to a different mission kids can explore by pressing the buttons, which lets them hear sounds and phrases relevant to the storyline from the mission card at hand. The pad comes with six cards, but more are available with light up figures and Mission Paw figures.

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Paw Patrol VTech Treat Time Marshall

Marshall is the fire dog on the show, a Dalmatian (duh) who puts out fires and rides around town on a fire truck. This interactive toy is basically a model of Marshall and 26 bone-shaped tiles. Kids put a tile into Marshall’s mouth and he will say a corresponding phrase. Depending on the setting, his response will have to do with the letter, learning rescue, search and rescue or music. It basically uses Paw Patrol to trick your kids into learning useful information.

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Paw Patrol Pups in Training Game

Pups in Training is a board game similar to Hungry Hungry Hippos. Up to three players have a lever they press as quickly as they can, raising their dog up to try and grab a bone-shaped treat hanging above. The dog who knocks down the most treats wins. It’s a particularly good choice if your kid is a big fan of Chase, Rubble, or Skye, the three included dogs.

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Paw Patrol Mission Cruiser Robo Dog and Vehicle

The Mission Cruiser is like an RV for the Paw Patrol crew. Press a button and the doors on the side flip open, revealing three compartments your kids can launch other Mission Paw vehicles from (sold separately, of course).

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Paw Patrol Don’t Drop Chase Board Game

This game is very similar to the classic Don’t Break the Ice board game. Chase, the police dog sits on top of an array of plastic “ice blocks” jammed into a frame. Players spin a spinner and then have to use a plastic hammer to knock out the appropriate color block, with the goal of choosing the block that won’t cause the whole thing to collapse.

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Paw Patrol Rubble’s Mountain Rescue Track Set

The killer feature of this set is the spiral ramp and zipline. Rubble, the construction worker dog, can ride down the ramp in his bulldozer while the baby polar bear he rescued follows in a basket hanging from the zipline. Your kids will love recreating a moment from the show and launching Rubble down the spiral.

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Paw Patrol Marshall’s Town Rescue Track Set

The figure eight layout of this set isn’t as exciting as Rubble’s Mountain Rescue, but the vehicle is way cooler. Marshall, the firefighter dog, has a fire truck that is motorized with lights and sound. Plus, your kids can connect track pieces from all of the Paw Patrol track sets to create their own adventures. With the motorized truck, they won’t have to depend on gravity to get their cars through the track.

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Paw Patrol Sea Patroller

This Toy of the Year winner is a boat that converts to a wheeled vehicle for amphibious rescues. It comes that fits on the included jet ski and ATV. The vehicle itself comes with a rotating winch that can pick up either vehicle and a button that lets your kid shoot disks (life preservers). There’s also a ramp for loading and unloading Mini Paw racers, similar to the mission cruiser toy. The different options for playing with this toy will provide your kids with hours of entertainment.

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Paw Patrol My First RC Rescue Racer

Remote-control toys have been and will always be awesome. This one is, as its name suggests, designed to introduce young kids to the world of RC vehicles. It’s a simple model with a small controller that’s great for young hands. Each of the four different racers can do spins and wheelies, tricks that are sure to delight kids as they learn how to zip around. Plus, if you get a few in the same room, the controllers won’t interfere with each other.

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Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower

Here we have the Cadillac of the Paw Patrol toy lineup, a tower that stands nearly three feet tall and is home base for the dogs. There’s a periscope at the top that allows them to keep an eye on Adventure Bay and an elevator that raises them to the top. A ramp lets them slide down directly into their vehicles, which are stored in a rotating assembly at the bottom (so you can line up the correct vehicle with the end of the ramp before you send the dog down it. This toy comes with two dogs and one racer, but it is really a great choice if your kid already has a few of the Mini Paw racers and character figures.

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