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The Best Grills of 2020: Gas Grills, Charcoal Grills, Smokers, and More

Including kettle grills, smokers, and a high-end gas grills that can cook a football team's worth of food.

Fourth of July is finally here, meaning the glory days of grilling in your backyard are officially upon us once again. But what’s the best grill of 2020? These days, it seems like there’s an endless number of new models, brand names, and grill categories on the market, making it a challenge to find the perfect one. We’ve done the work and have listed what we think are the contenders for this year. They include new models as well as old favorites over a range of price points. Looking for a charcoal grill? A smoker? A gas grill that can cook enough food to feed a football team? We’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best grills of 2020.

Serious about searing? Then the Rogue SE 625 belongs in your backyard. Pushing out 82,500 BTUs of burger-cooking power and large enough to fire up 38 patties at a time, it certainly has the oomph to satisfy any griller worthy of his spatula. But where it really succeeds is in the details. The stainless-steel cooking grates are not only rust resistant but also wave-shaped to provide even heat and, if you’re vain about your steaks, those classic sear marks. There’s an infrared rotisserie burner that provides both high heat for that restaurant-quality ribeye caramelization and the ideal space for low-and-slow spit roasting. Nice touches like integrated tool hooks, near-instant ignition, and a side bottle opener make it a great buy for anyone looking for a gas grill meant for the long haul.

If you’re looking for a gas grill that can cook up a family meal but won’t cost more than a mortgage payment, the Char Broil 360 is an excellent choice. It has decent cook space (360 square inches) and an additional 170-square inch pop-up warming rack for resting hot-off-the-grill fare. The porcelain-coated steel lid keeps it safe in the elements, while 30,000 btus provide enough power for cooking steaks and burgers. Decent storage space and roll-away wheels make this a lot of grill for not a lot of price.

Made in America by veterans, this charcoal smoker lets you dangle juicy ribs over hot coals just like your ancestors. Unlike traditional grills, which cook food from a single, direct heat source, the Pit Barrel cooker uses a “hook-and-hang” approach that heats your meat from all sides at once to produce consistent, perfectly-cooked low and slow meals every time. It’s simple, efficient, and produces some very fine barbecue.

The Traeger brand name is one of the most revered in the grilling game, and they’re credited with developing and patenting the world’s first pellet grill back in 1986. This wood-pellet grill is already a fan favorite thanks to a slew of nifty features. The six-in-one powerhouse has the versatility to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and barbecue food atop 646 square inches of grilling real estate (enough to house eight whole chickens or 30 burgers). Its Digital Elite Controller keeps temperatures consistent within 25 degrees to ensure cooking precision. Users also love the sturdy steel construction and durable powder coat finish, porcelain grill grates, and smooth-gliding wheels with locking casters.

This award-winning, patented Broil King Keg 5000 is an innovative charcoal grill that offers many advantages over its traditional kettle and kamado-style grill competitors. There's a heavy-duty cast iron cooking grid, resin side shelves, and a durable steel base. A secondary chrome-coated grill rack also doubles the cooking space to a total of 480 square inches, so there’s plenty of room to fit all of your favorite meats and vegetables, despite its compact design. Plus, the removable steel ash catcher makes cleaning up a breeze and it comes with an extended 10-year warranty.

You can count on Weber to produce solidly crafted grills that not only stand the test of time but also offer features you didn’t know you needed. Their Weber Spirit E-330 propane grill packs quite a lot of goodies into a relatively small package. It’s three burners push out a total of 30,000 btus and there’s 529 square inches of cooking space. There are six tool hooks as well as a flip-out side table for extra space, a nicely sized storage area, and porcelain enameled grill grates for superb searing.

Big Green Egg has its hardcore devotees for a reason. The company has been cranking out these kamado-style grills for decades that are consistent and versatile. Of the entire lineup, the Large Big Green Egg is the most popular size. This unit can generate high temperatures and focused heat thanks to its ceramic shell. It’s also a solid smoker because it can hold low temperatures for impressive lengths of time. The spring loaded lid, glazed interior, and easy-access vents keep clean-up time short and sweet. It’s also fully compatible with the company’s extensive line of EGGcessories, including add-ons like their pizza stones, rib and roast racks, and convEGGtor convection cooking system.

For a no-frills kettle grill that has stood the test of time, there’s no better option than the Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill. The hinged, plated steel cooking grate boasts 363 square inches of grilling surface area, primed for handling 13 burgers at a time. It’s black, porcelain-enameled exterior holds consistent heat, and won’t rust or peel after exposure to the elements. Users can adjust the dampers to easily control the grill temperature without having to lift the lid. The high-capacity, removable ash catcher adds another convenient feature.