Blades of Glory: 8 Great Pocket Knives For Your Everyday Carry

Need to cut something out of its plastic packaging? Slice through an Amazon box? These everyday carry knives are worthy of prime place in your pocket.

by Ian Centrone
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A pocket knife for everyday carry

Even if you’re not heading off into the woods every weekend or working a job that requires the regular use of one, a pocket knife is incredibly useful. An obvious statement, we know. But it’s true nonetheless. Need to open an amazon box? Release a product from its plastic packaging? Slice through the plastic zip-ties that fasten most child toys to their cardboard casing? Perform an emergency appendectomy? That last reason aside, (we’ve watched too many episodes of The Simpsons) there are hundreds of uses for a good pocket knife or, to use a common phrase, keep it amongst your every day carry.

But there’s a big difference between any pocket knife and a great pocket knife. First, if you’re going to keep it in your pocket every day, it needs to be slim enough to fit into not any pocket but a small pocket. Second, it should have a strong, sharp blade (frankly, it should only have just a good blade) that’s not too long. Third, it should have a handle that, even when wet, stays grippy. Finally, it should be affordable. Whether you want to call ’em pocket knives, folding knives, or everyday carry knives, here are eight excellent blades to consider.

Best Pocket Knives and Folding Knives


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