The Best Men’s Winter Boots 2020: 14 Pairs For Every Type of Guy

Whether you're shoveling snow, setting out on a hike, or simply heading downtown, these boots will keep you warm, comfortable, and in control.

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Come winter, the boot is a man’s best friend. Whether you’re walking the dog, hiking a wintry trail, or just trying to shovel the driveway, the best men’s winter boots are the pair that works best for your purposes. They should be warm, insulated, breathable, comfortable, and have great traction, sure. But do you want something that is, say, a bit more stylish? Something that’s ready to tackle mountain terrain? Something that splits the difference? There are a lot of choices out there. That’s a good thing.

That said, it can be difficult to find the best men’s boots for you. It can be difficult to, say, get more insulation and more traction without investing in a bulky, awkward boot that doesn’t look good. Alternatively, it’s also easy to spend money on a more stylish pair that doesn’t actually do the job well.

But fear not: it’s not impossible to find rugged men’s winter boots that also look great. Every one of our picks is waterproof and insulated with cozy lining and/or high-tech heat retaining layers. They come equipped with traction-enhancing soles designed to help you keep you upright, and there’s a range of styles perfect from everyone from the urban explorer trudging to work to the active guy who won’t let even the coldest of temperatures keep him out of the great outdoors. Here are our picks for the best men’s winter boots.

Best Men’s Winter Boots

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