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Time to Get Dressed: 4 Great Men’s Suits to Wear This Season

You've (finally) got places to go and occasions to celebrate. These four modern, affordable suits are ideal for all your outings.

Chances are, wearing a suit hasn’t exactly been a priority these past months. Zoom calls barely require pants, let alone a jacket. But now your calendar is filling up again: weddings, corporate affairs, holiday parties, date nights. They’re all back on the board. Not that you need an excuse to dress up. Maybe you just want to wear a suit because you’ve got places to go and, after the past few years, that’s as good a reason as any to look good. 

In any case, now’s a great time to get reacquainted with a great men’s suit. The question to ask: What should you look for in a fall or winter suit? Our advice: Have some fun with it, but think modern and sharp above all else. Consider colder weather fabrics like houndstooth if you want to go all-out, but when in doubt, seasonal blends like wool, especially in crisp, versatile colors like navy, are going to give you the most bang for your buck. You might also want to spring for a suit with some stretch to it, a trend that provides some serious comfort. Oh, and keep versatility in mind: Look for a jacket that you’ll wear without the pants and vise versa so the components are always in your rotation. 

Theres never been a better time to find a great suit at an affordable price. So, we’re focusing on styles that aren’t fast-fashion cheap, but aren’t ultra-luxury splurges, either. The options below are sharp, well-made suits that just so happen to be affordable. As always, we only include products that have been independently selected by Fatherly’s editorial team. But if you purchase a product through a link in this article, we may receive a portion of sales. 

While the Ludlow silhouette is, for the most part, quite slim, this classic-fit take on the famed, accessible suit should hit the sweet spot for most guys. Minimal padding and dark buttons make the blazer a solid bet to wear with tan chinos and a white Oxford shirt when you want to mix and match, too. And color options like Deep Navy are dressy and wearable with every shirt and tie combination you own.

While you might know SuitSupply for its flashy ad campaigns and it’s at-times flashy suiting, they also offer up plenty of crisp, elegant tailoring options for the modern man who doesn’t want to overdo it. The brand’s Sienna fit features soft construction and a natural shoulder, making this the perfect antidote to overly padded suits. That natural design makes it easy to team the jacket with other winter style staples, like burgundy corduroys, a crisp white dress shirt, and leather dress boots.

The aptly named Jetsetter Suit represents the best of tailoring that moves with you, not restricts you. The Grey Herringbone fabric is also perfectly ready for tailored fall and winter occasions. And because you’re dealing with stretch fabric, it’s easier to mix up your layering options (a la a more bold turtleneck or sweater in place of a traditional dress shirt). The pants, too, can be broken up and worn with just about anything, from a henley and shawl cardigan pairing to a denim shirt and leather jacket (we’ll leave you to stock up on winter beers to enjoy with your crew).

There are ways to add a bit of color and pattern to your suiting rotation without overdoing it, like this navy birdseye option in a modern fit that won’t prove too restrictive. If you find yourself needing to suit up frequently, a navy suit with classic (not overly skinny) lapels is about as solid a bet as you can make these days. The use of 100 percent wool makes this both a fall and winter suit, too.