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The Best Men’s Slippers and Moccasins At Every Price

Because your feet deserve it.

Slippers seem like a relic of a bygone time, one where pipes were smoked and newspapers were read at the breakfast table with furrowed brows. But look past this. Because a good pair of slippers is an indispensable tool, especially when so many of us are at home now and an outing consists of going to the mailbox. But the best slippers men’s slippers serve a myriad of purposes. Need to walk the dog early in the morning? Slippers. Pull out the trash the night before? Slippers. Have a rushed morning routine and no time to even put on sneakers because you were busy tracking down backpacks and a lost shoe? Slippers. They’re also pretty damn great to slide your feet into on cold mornings. But which are meant for your feet? Glad you asked. We sifted through dozens of slippers to find the best options at every price range. All offer a comfort and style where you need it.

Seeing these slippers makes us want to nap. Now. For hours. These lined slippers have indoor and outdoor soles, so you can wear them however you want. They're made of suede leather, moosehide, and deerskin , with a sheepskin lining. And they mold to fit your feet.

These streamlined indoor slippers are made from breathable pill-free Sasawashi fabric that naturally absorbs moisture and odors, so they're always fresh and can be work all year.

These glorious slippers have a felt upper, a soft wool lining, and a hybrid sole made from TPU. Which means you can wear these to walk the dog or to curl up with a movie.

Could these be the world's best slippers? Quite possibly. A pair is sold every seven seconds. Why? They're made with sheepskin, while a shearling lining insulates and wicks away moisture from your feet so they don't sweat or stink. There's a contoured memory foam footbed and a rugged outsole for extra traction.

Warmth is the name of the game here. This understated slipper has a shearling lining, the slip-on style is a bonus, and there's a rubber sole for traction.

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