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The Best Men’s Slippers and Moccasins At Every Price

Because your feet deserve it.

Slippers seem like a relic of a bygone time, one where pipes were smoked and newspapers were read at the breakfast table with furrowed brows. But look past this. Because a good pair of slippers is an indispensable tool. Need to walk the dog early in the morning? Slippers. Pull out the trash the night before? Slippers. Have a rushed morning routine and no time to even put on sneakers because you were busy tracking down backpacks and a lost shoe? Slippers. They’re also pretty damn great to slide your feet into on cold mornings. But which are meant for your feet? Glad you asked. We sifted through dozens of slippers to find the best options at every price range. All offer a comfort and style where you need it.

The Best Men’s Slippers Under $25

Rock Dove Men’s Memory Foam Slipper

These slippers provide many of the features you’d find in a higher-priced option. They’re lined in memory foam and have an insole that molds to your feet. There’s also a terry cloth lining that  keeps your toes warm, and an anti-slip sole that makes it easy to wear them to walk the dog, drag out the trash, or drive the kids to school. Another bonus: They’re machine washable.

Buy Now $20

Hanes Men’s Memory Foam Moccasin Slipper Shoe

These slippers punch well above their weight. They sport a thick, comfortable memory foam insole and, best of all, are treated with their Fresh IQ odor control to ensure your feet don’t smell like old cabbage when you wear them too much. A thick rubber outer sole and a nice herringbone-esque exterior make them easy to wear out of the house. 

Buy Now $20

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The Best Mid-Priced Men’s Slippers

Tamarac by Slippers International

These classic moccasins are made from suede and lined with faux fur. The footbed has a generous base of memory foam that molds to the shape of your foot for extra comfort. There’s a stitched on rubber sole to keep everything protected when you step outside and they come in a variety of colors.

Buy Now $35

Sorel Men’s Falcon Ridge Moccasins

The thick suede uppers and removable EVA foot bed in these slippers offer some serious comfort. A wool/acrylic blend inside adds warmth, while their thick rubber sole means that you can wear them on a quick run to the store. Double stitching ensures they won’t fall apart after one season of use.   

Buy Now $60

The Best High-Priced Slippers For Men

Mahabis Luxe

These slippers may look a bit funky but they’re designed for years of use. They’re lined with 100-percent wool and feature a detachable tennis shoe sole that offers support and traction. Made from Nubuck leather they’re available in two different colors for the uppers and nine different colors for the soles. 

Buy Now $165

UGG Men’s Ascot Slipper

UGGs has been wrapping people’s feet in comfort for 40 years and these stylish loafer-style slippers continue the tradition. Made from water-resistant, full-grain leather, they protect your toes in almost all weather. The insides are lined with Australian wool that pads and warms your feet, while the sole is slip resistant and sturdy enough to handle years of abuse.

Buy Now $120