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8 Great Men’s Scarves to Bundle Up With This Winter 

Because the right scarf does more than keep your neck warm.

The best winter accessories sit right smack-dab at the intersection of style and functionality. Yes, first and foremost, they should keep you warm. But, where possible, they should also look at least somewhat stylish because, hey, it’s winter, it’s cold and it gets dark. A little bit of personality tied over your winter coat is well needed. So, much like the best gloves and beanies, the best scarves for men should defend you from the winter chill but also look good. Here then are our picks for some warm stylish scarves to seek out, from casual merino wool numbers to more luxurious cashmere. If you want to get proper with it, thinner scarves are dressier, softer, and wear well with crisp pieces like a tailored topcoat, while thick-knit wool scarves team nicely with puffer jackets, workwear coats, and casual outerwear. However you wear it, any of the below options are great choices.

As always, we only include products that have been independently selected by Fatherly’s editorial team. But if you purchase a product through a link in this article, we may receive a portion of sales.

You trust Carhartt with your work pants and canvas work jacket, and you can trust the workwear company’s more fashion-forward Work in Progress line to deliver a scarf that’s still just as durable and high-quality. Fashioned from a thick ribbed knit that adds needed bulk, this scarf is more casual in terms of design, and that’s just fine. It’s a great all-around scarf for pretty much every occasion.

In search of a scarf that’s a bit more upscale? This luxurious wool and cashmere scarf from the trusted and always-reliable in-house brand at Nordstrom is a great buy. The fabric is the fanciest part of this piece, while the neutral color makes it ideal to wear as a finishing touch alongside nicely tailored winter ensembles.

Merino wool is a fantastic fabric. It’s warm, moisture-wicking, and antimicrobial. Quite the trifecta, and that combination makes it ideal for hats and scarves. Made from 100% Italian spun Merino wool, this new scarf from Unbound is an exceptional winter wardrobe pickup.

Barbour’s love of the open road and the countryside has always been on full display with its lineup of remarkably durable waxed jackets. What better way to stay warm on the go with an authentic lambswool scarf from the revered British outfitter? Better still, the rich plaid pattern is eye-catching and even a little fun, making it a nice way to add a shot of seasonal color to a straightforward winter look.

How to Tie a Scarf 

Tying a scarf is kind of like tying a tie: There’s more than one way, and everyone’s got their preference. Switching up your tie knot is more about vanity and looks, but tying your scarf ultimately needs to accomplish one goal: Protecting your neck from winter’s chill. While different fabric blends abound, to us, there’s one method that works well for several types of scarves.

We call it the “loop” method, and it’s simple and classic. Here’s how it works. Gather the scarf and fold it in half so that its two loose ends match the same length. Position the U-shaped loop so that the loop itself sits near the front of your neck, with the rest of the scarf covering the back of your neck. Then, pass the two loose ends through the loop in front of your neck and tighten the loop, positioning according to your preference.

This scarf is one hell of a buy at less than 20 bucks. It’s insulating, yet breathable — a combo you rarely find at this price point. Better still are the vibrant colors and patterns, from plaids to bright reds that add some flair to dreary winter days.

This Patagonia flannel scarf is many things at once: Affordable (it’s on sale for less than $20), sustainable (it’s made from 100 percent organic cotton) and suitably stylish (look at that pattern!). The patchwork pattern is a nice change of pace from solid-color winter accessories, and since it’s coming from Patagonia, you can be sure it’s well-suited for outdoor adventures.

This scarf checks all the boxes, as far as we’re concerned. Cashmere fabric is extremely soft, not scratchy, and comfortable to the touch. Plus, the rich Burgundy color is perfectly on-trend for winter, and it’s a nice bonus if you prefer more neutral outerwear, like a charcoal topcoat. Act now, and you just might snag this scarf on sale, too.

The coolest accessories, in our book, pass the eye test in the modern age and yet also nod to the past. Heimat, the German-made accessories brand, uses richly crafted 100 percent wool to knit the warmest scarf you’ve ever tried. This scarf is cut slightly longer, all the better to wrap multiple times as you bundle up for unstoppable warmth this winter.