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The Best Men’s Peacoats to Wear: 7 Options for Every Budget

The oh-so-reliable wool coat has long been a staple of stylish men. These seven modern versions keep the tradition alive.

Trust is central to many of the menswear staples we love the most. Take, for instance, the peacoat. Naval officers on the high seas trusted the jacket to keep them warm in harsh conditions. The double-breasted coat, cut to hit below the hip and usually made out of thick wool, was tough, warm, and dependable as hell. It did its job and did it well. The peacoat made its way into civilian life because style-minded men rightfully appreciated these qualities, and realized that it looked damn good, too.

Today, the peacoat remains a staple. While it has seen many different iterations, the core qualities of the best men’s peacoats — tough, warm, and stylish — remain the same, and it deserves a spot in your closet. Like cotton chinos or the humble white T-shirt, or the field jacket (most famously), the peacoat remains reliable as hell, and the ideal thing to reach for when you’re going for a more casual cold-weather look.

Below you’ll find seven examples of men’s peacoats, in a range of prices. All of them will defend you from the winter’s cold and provide a down-to-earth look that feels as relevant today as it did on the decks of ships.  The reason is unsurprising: Utility and style just work well, no matter where you are. Trust us.

As always, we only include products that have been independently selected by Fatherly’s editorial team. But if you purchase a product through a link in this article, we may receive a portion of sales.

The holy grail of modern peacoats. While this coat was famously worn by a certain secret agent (atop wool trousers and a white dress shirt and tie in Skyfall), it’s name refers to the Alabama designer’s New York City store on Bond Street. In any case, it’s ideal for any situation, made with thick Melton wool and finished off with such fine touches as a calfskin collar trim. Style it like Bond, style it with dark blue denim and a henley, and wear it as often as you can. It’s worth the investment.

The all-American style purveyors at Ralph Lauren tried their hand at an all-American style and did quite the job at delivering an affordable take on the silhouette. This peacoat has a nice mix of bells and whistles, from a warm quilted lining to contrasting anchor buttons for an authentic finish.

Given the storied history of the peacoat, it’s not surprising that Lands’ End, makers of heritage-minded outdoor gear, offers up a fine iteration of the timeless jacket. While traditional peacoats weren’t lined with the Primaloft insulation used here, this modern touch is a welcome update to a jacket that’s made to thrive in cold weather. The oversized collar can even be latched at the throat for maximum protection from snowy gusts.

If you’ve shopped Buck Mason in the past, you know the drill: The brand draws inspiration from every corner of Americana, and in this case, that respect for the past translates into a remarkably durable melton wool peacoat with a very fitting name. Buck Mason has turned things up a notch compared to archival styles, though: This peacoat is made from thicker fabric than naval styles of days gone by, and it’s also lined with soft, smooth brushed back Japanese satin. Luxurious and rugged? We’ll take one of those, please.

If you know where to look (in this case, Old Navy), you can find one hell of a deal on winter outerwear. That’s the case with a whole slew of basics from Old Navy, but this sub-$100 peacoat is quite the standout deal. The soft-brushed wool-blend exterior is bolstered by a soft stretch lining, which means this jacket will move with you with minimal resistance.

It makes perfect sense that our neighbors to the north would do a pretty nice job crafting one of the best men’s peacoats. After all, it comes with the territory. Although Frank And Oak veers more trendy with its sweaters, shirts, and pants, this peacoat is about as straightforward and subtly stylish as it gets. Sustainably made using recycled polyester and recycled wool, this peacoat also packs windproof and water-resistant insulation.

This peacoat delivers the dressy, sharp style you often desire in a winter layer, with a slightly longer cut and a streamlined dark color that’s ideal for layering atop sweaters and dress shirts. It’s made with a quilted lining for warmth on the go, and the oversized collar is especially useful for turning up against frigid winter winds whipping through the city.