The Procrastinator’s Guide To Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Amazon Prime saves the day.

by Dave Baldwin
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valentine's day gifts

Once upon a time, leaving your Valentine’s Day shopping until the last minute meant you were walking in the door with a box of drug-store chocolates and a card that nobody else wanted. You may as well have made up the guest-room bed before you left for work. Not today. Thanks to Amazon Prime (and 2-day shipping), you can pretty much manage the clock as poorly as Andy Reid and still stroll in on the 14th with a last-second gift to impress. A gift like one of these 10.

House of Harlow 1960 Dakota Cuff Bracelet

Since she didn’t find last year’s assortment of slap bracelets as playful as you’d intended, make up for it with a bracelet she’ll actually wear. This imported metal Dakota Cuff from House of Harlow 1960 is gold-toned and features pyramids with small crystals on the ends. Best of all, it slips on — no slapping required.

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Le Mouton Noir Tea Cup

Few things are as frustrating when drinking tea as losing the string from the bag into the cup — except maybe having to listen to your partner complain every time it happens. So don’t. Instead, give her this clever microwave-safe mug with slots in the edge that allow her to attach the string “like a boat dock cleat, thus ensuring the tea bag doesn’t float away” and all you hear are the sounds of slurping. Granted, that’s equally annoying, but whatever. Available for both righties and lefties.

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The New York Times: 36 Hours 125 Weekends in Europe

Give your special lady the gift of endless daydreaming — about all the places you could be visiting if you didn’t have kids. (Kidding. Your folks will watch them for a week, right?) A compilation of 125 of the Time’s best 36 Hour destination stories, this epic 640-page tome should help make counting down the days until your next vacation and/or the children go off to college that much easier.

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Photive Sphere Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Because kids are loud in every room, help your wife drown them out wherever she is in the house with this stylish portable Bluetooth speaker. Covered in one of 5 colored fabrics so it will probably match your couch (or coat, considering it looks like a giant button), it’s only 6.75-inches tall (1.75-inches thick) and comes with a built-in stand.

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Ceramic Vase With Cork Bottom

She’ll never even suspect you bought those flowers at the grocery store when she finds them sitting on the table in this handsome ceramic vase. With a cork bottom, matte finish, and leather handle, who cares if they’re dead by the end of the week.

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Menu Louise Christ Jewelry Tree

Think of this artistic, mirror-finished aluminum tree not just as a way to help your partner keep her jewelry organized, but as a way to keep those expensive engagement/wedding rings from accidentally finding their way into the sink. Better hanging here than sitting on the bathroom counter, right?

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Love Letters Of Great Men

Granted, giving your wife a book of elegantly written love letters from dudes (not named you) that history deems incredibly romantic may not be the best way to lower expectations, but hey, if she’s a fan of Sex in the City then you’re gold. That’s where this book of letters from 5 centuries of “kings, war heroes, and philosophers” gained notoriety. Who knows, maybe it’ll prove inspirational when you fill out that Valentine’s Day card.

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Osaka Gold Pour Over Dripper

Assuming you’re looking for something with a little more bling that the BRuX pour-over travel mug, this elegant Japanese dripper is all rich wood and gold/titanium-plated stainless steel. So it boasts a handsome aesthetic, but without the handsome price. The borosilicate glass carafe holds 27-ounces and the double filter is laser cut with mesh interior so no paper filters are required.

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Kate Spade New York Sailor’s Knot Bangle Bracelet

In case you need more than just the Dakota Cuff to fully erase the aforementioned slap bracelet debacle, double it up with this knotted number from Kate Spade. It comes in gold, silver, or rose and should look fabulous dangling from both her wrist and the Louise Christ Jewelry Tree.

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BloomThat “In It To Win It” Flowers

No matter what anybody says, the right flowers (read: NOT the $8.99 mixed bouquet at CVS) are still a lovely gift. Maybe not the entire gift, but they’re a good start. Put them together with Herbivore’s Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist and Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask and a bento box full of rose-yay infused gummies, however, and you can call it day. Or, the “In It To Win It” if you’re BloomThat.

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