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The 10 Best Kids Sprinklers For Your Backyard

Because what summer is complete without kids dancing through a sprinkler in the yard?

by Donna Freydkin
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Unicorn Sprinkler by JOYIN in front of a teal background

Few things scream “summer afternoon” quite like the sight of little kids running, jumping, and power sliding through a sprinkler on a hot day. Sure, your lawn might not look the same after the water-logging event, but the best sprinklers for kids provide such an unencumbered joy that you won’t even sweat it.

And if we’re being honest, the best thing about kids sprinklers is their work-to-entertainment ratio. Be it a traditional lawn sprinkler or an inflatable unicorn sprinkler, they offer a kid’s activity that’s low maintenance and high reward. Just attach a hose, maybe do some inflating, and let the kids have fun. No batteries, no rules, no clean-up (well, not too much clean-up).

So, whether you’re in the market for a giant inflatable unicorn sprinkler for kids, an inflatable sprinkler-pool combo that provides the best of both worlds, or a tsk-tsk-tsk-ing sprinkler that spins and sprays in every conceivable direction, here are some of our favorite sprinklers for kids.

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