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The Best Kids Bookshelves and Book Storage for Kids Who Love to Read

These bookshelves look good and keep that ever-expanding book collection organized.

As parents well know, kids books seem to multiply when you’re not looking: baby shower books, birthday present books, picture books from the local bookstore — the list goes on. This is mostly great: There’s not really any such thing as too much reading for a kid, considering how much it advances language acquisition and comprehension skills. But books need space. Which is why having the perfect bookshelves is so important — to stow the books away and to look good doing it. Book storage that is good-looking and  easily accessible to kids makes the reading area of your kid’s room pleasant and can create positive associations with books and reading. The best kids bookshelves we found not only provide ample space for your kid’s ever-growing collection of books, but are also easy for kids to use and fun to look at.

This eye-catching cactus bookcase is a fun addition to your kid's playroom or bedroom. Eight open and roomy compartments leave lots of space for books, toys, and tchotchkes. Also, it's a cactus! So, it doubles as scenery for make-believe play.

The Birch Bookshelf isn't just a smart way to store books and toys, but it also stylishly defines the space and creates a focal point in the room. It includes four roomy levels of shelving, plus two compartments with sliding doors to hide the messier toys.

ECR4Kids furniture is used in schools and libraries, so it's designed to take a beating and last forever. This display bookshelf is designed with safety in mind — it's Greenguard gold-certified and completely non-toxic, and has all rounded edges — but is also attractive, in solid wood. It won't hold your kid's whole book collection, but the books that are in it will get read, since kids see (and get excited about) the covers. There's also a two-sided version and another with a built-in whiteboard.

At first glance, this branched tree looks like a sculpture, but a closer look will reveal that you can actually store books and trinkets on each branch for a fun display of your items. It can store up to 100 books and can be attached securely to the wall.

Made out of natural rattan, this bohemian-inspired bookshelf is the chicest way to amp up your kid's play space. The design works best for older kids or babies who aren't walking yet, since the rattan is just asking to be climbed or snapped. But it holds a ton of books and looks grown-up enough to use anywhere in the house.

If your kid loves dollhouses, then this bookcase is sure to excite them. Shaped like a picture-perfect house with a triangular roof, the open-plan shelving has eight spacious cubbies to store anything from books and toys to games and stuffed animals. Two slide-out drawers at the bottom also offer storage for smaller knick-knacks.

This adorable bookstand fits perfectly in the corner of any room, especially if you don't have space for a larger full-sized bookshelf. It's a great way to keep the picture books that are currently in circulation on display to easily choose from before nighttime reading. Plus, there's extra space at the bottom to stow away any extra items that may be littering the floor.

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