The Best Toddler Ride-On Toys To Help Them Master Balance and Coordination

Let them work off some of that crazy energy.

by Hudson Lindenberger
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A toddler ride-on toy scooter set against a yellow backdrop.

Toddler ride-on toys don’t just look cool, although many of them do. They also serve a pivotal role in child development. The best toddler ride-on toys help young kids develop both fine and gross motor skills, while also building their confidence as they master the ability to propel themselves forward while remaining balanced. They learn to take turns, and burn off some energy.

And let’s be real here. Toddler electric cars are fun and make for great social media posts, but the Consumer Product Safety Commission advises that toddlers, meaning kids between the ages of one and three, get ride-on toys that are self-propelled with no pedals or motors. The ride-on toys should have a stable base that does not tip over, and if wheels are involved, there should be at least three of them evenly spaced. All edges of toddler ride-on toys should be smooth, with no sharp points, and they should be sturdy so no parts can come loose. And make sure you pay attention to weight limits, so you can get more than a month’s use out of the thing.

The Best Toddler Ride-On Toys

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