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The Best iPhone Cases for Kids That Will Protect Your Phone

These durable cases will take a beating but keep your iPhones intact.

Even if kids have tech of their own, they’ll want to paw at your phone. To ensure the screen isn’t stricken with a spiderweb of cracks, you need one of the best iPhones cases for kids. Really these are the best protective iPhone cases period—adults are already capable of destroying the thousand-dollar mini-computer we carry around in our pockets without the kid’s help. But children do have a penchant for dropping things no matter how often you remind them to be careful. Until you get them a phone of their own, upgrading to the best kid-proof iPhone cases for the 6, 7, 8, X, XR, 11, and 12 pays for itself the first time someone drops it off the counter or on the street.

Consider one of these cool, protective cases cheap insurance against the tiny, often clumsy kid fingers. If you’ve passed on AppleCare and don’t opt for your carrier’s insurance, you could be looking at dropping at least $130 to repair a cracked iPhone screen. The functionality and aesthetics of cases have come a long way in the last few years. Now they preserve the phone’s clean lines and rely on shock-absorbing polymers to keep it safe without adding bulk to your pocket. Some come with a screen protector, applied as a sticker or attached to the case, while others use raised edges to keep the touch-sensitive screen off surfaces like a table.

No matter what iPhone you’re rocking, from an older 6 that refuses to die to the newest 12 with the advanced cameras, you’ll want to keep it covered.

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Our favorite strenght-to-weight-ratio option, this super lightweight case has a ton of protection thanks to its 1,500-denier aramid fiber. And yet it still comes in just over half an ounce. Our advice: Add a screen protector for complete protection.

Watch, wallet, keys, phone . . . Wouldn't it be great to have to remember less? Bellroy moves your wallet and phone together so there's less jingling around your pockets (and less to forget in public locations). This stores up to three cards and yet remains MagSafe charging-compatible.

This handsome black case slips easily in and out of pockets and bags. The synthetic rubber cover over the polycarbonate shell provides military-grade drop protection. Edges recess the camera lenses up to prevent scratching on a flat surface like a countertop or table. While it’s wireless charging capable, you’ll need to pick up a screen protector.

If you're looking for lots of protection without much bulk, this case is a great option. It's built to withstand 10-foot drops and has features like a raised bezel that do the extra work of preventing scratching and shattering even if your phone lands on the ground directly face down. It has a soft, grippy exterior with two layers of stop and shock protection. There's even an anti-microbial finish that inhibits bacterial growth inside the case. Just note that compatible screen protectors are sold separately.

This behemoth has a soft bubble-pattern rubber interior lining combined with a hard polycarbonate shell for protection. That means it absorbs and deflects shock when your iPhone XR is thrown or dropped. A raised lip protects your screen from drops and surface scratches.

This burly case offers serious protection. It's waterproof to six feet for up to an hour as well as drop-proof. Nice touches abound, like easy access to your external charging cable. If sheer protection is what you're looking for, this is an excellent option. Do yourself a favor, however, and follow the step by step instructions for the best results and always conduct a water test prior to submersion. Also, for those that rely on a grippy surface to keep it in place on the dashboard, keep looking because it can slip off.

Outside is polycarbonate frame, while inside is a shock-resistant core. The two halves are bound together by metal hardware for an incredibly rugged and durable case that's rated two times higher than the military drop standard. But little fingers will still have control thanks to distinct raised buttons that children can operate with ease.

Knock the belt-mounted phone all you want, but it's a classic and having your phone within arm’s reach (while not distending a back pocket) can come in pretty handy. This case uses a tri-layered system to protect your phone: an inner, rubbery layer; a hard, polycarbonate outer shell; and an integrated screen protector. On top of all of this, a four-point snap system affixes it to a belt or strap to keep it within easy reach.

Grippy-enough to not slide around on your dashboard, but not so much as to make removing it from your pocket a pain in the ass, this phone hits the grippy sweet spot. The minimal case also comes with a screen protector and corners that create air pockets to cushion a fall. It weighs just 1.6 ounces and is slim enough so that you'll barely notice it's there at all.

Want to know how to protect your child's phone? Ensure he or she will be able to hold onto it. PopSockets' collab with Otterbox builds its popular holding nub into the case itself for secure grip wet or dry. Should your child drop it, the case itself has plenty of protection.