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The Best Home Office Chairs and Standing Desks

Your work-from-home slouch game is a little too on point.

Working from home in a pandemic is hard enough without a lousy home-office setup. If hunching over the kitchen table is giving you a bad back and working from bed long ago lost its subversive appeal, it’s time to invest in a good home office chair and standing desk. We’ve rounded up ergonomic, adjustable, and affordable home office chairs and desks that are also good-looking and functional —whether you’re in the market for a chair with maximum lumbar support or want one that’s simply not an eyesore. They’ll help you look forward to that room-to-room commute.

This stylishly sleek but comfortable leather chair is way easier on the eyes (and bums) than most desk chairs. It originally sold for well over $500, but luckily, it's on sale for about half that. It tilts, swivels, and locks, and has pneumatic height adjustment.

This ergonomic desk chair has a curved back and contoured seat for extra lumbar support, which helps eliminate that familiar back strain that happens from sitting for too long. It tilts backward and forwards, has a 5-inch adjustable height range, and the armrests are roomy and padded. Grab it while it's over 40 percent off.

This basic-model office chair doesn't have many bells and whistles, but what it lacks in features it makes up for in price. This chair is affordable to begin with, and during Way Day it's over half off. It doesn't recline or have armrests, but it does have a 3.5-inch adjustable height range and comes in several colors.

This sleek adjustable standing desk goes from sitting to standing height with the use of a hand crank, which keeps everything level and minimizes spilling. Its adjustable feet allow it to stand up straight on uneven surfaces, and it holds up to 100 pounds. Reviews say assembly is quick and the directions are easy to follow. The best part? It's under $300.

This wood-topped adjustable standing desk is finished on both sides, so it doesn't have to hide against a wall. It features a spot for cables too, so they won't crowd the spacious work area.

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