The Best High-Tech Baby Monitors and Baby Gear for Your Nursery

From sleep-analyzing monitors to smart cribs, here are top high-tech items to consider adding to your nursery.

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Human beings have been giving birth and raising kids successfully for millennia without the help of high-tech baby gear. And while it’s not actually a prerequisite to modern parenting, baby tech does make the job easier. Anything that reduces parental stress is welcome, whether it’s a smart crib that can get a fussy toddler to fall asleep or a baby monitor gadget that allows parents to check in on children from miles away. It’s a fine line, however, between which pieces of baby tech are useful and which gadgets sound nice but do nothing more than raise your credit balance and boost your anxiety levels.

These select pieces of baby tech are ultimately worth the investment. From baby monitors with next-level features to completely customizable smart cribs and bassinets, these high-tech baby gadgets offer insights about your kid, help you succeed as a parent, and make the entire ordeal less of an…ordeal.

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