The Best Hazy IPAs to Add to Your Cooler This Summer

They pack big flavor but very little of that classic IPA bitterness.

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the best hazy ipas are featured on an orange backdrop

Want to drink an IPA but don’t feel like having all that hoppy bitterness speedbag your tastebuds? We get it. That’s where the Hazy IPA comes into play. The best hazy IPAs are fruit-forward and juicy, with a rich mouth feel and enough hopped-up body to shake up your palette but very little of the bitterness that you might expect from similarly styled beers.

The best hazy IPAs — also known as New England IPAs because of their Northeast roots — strike a surprisingly solid middle ground between easy-drinking summer lagers and boozy, winter-minded imperial stouts. Where did they first begin? Well, a brewer by the name of John Kimmich of Vermont’s famed brewery The Alchemist tweaked an IPA recipe by not filtering or pasteurizing his beer. That approach provided the beer with its hazy look now beloved by Untappd users and beer Instagrammers nationwide. Other breweries got in on the action over the years and The Brewers Association added the New England IPA to its style guide in 2018.

The trademark haziness of hazy IPAs comes from select (safe-to-drink) yeast strains left floating in the beer. They also feature massive amounts of hops, added to the beer after initial fermentation, commonly known as “double dry-hopping,” which removes bitterness and adds citrus flavor and aroma. Different hop varieties chip in different attributes, be it flavors like orange or aromas like pine.

More hops also equals a higher ABV and a richer mouthfeel: You’ll want to take your time savoring your hazy IPA on a breezy summer night. They’re best paired with relaxation and good conversation. You know what else goes great with a good hazy IPA? Another hazy IPA and a friend to share it with, of course. These are our favorites to enjoy right now.

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