15 Halloween Costumes For Babies That Will Earn All The Awwwws

Because of course you should dress your baby up in a costume.

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No, you don’t have to dress your baby in a Halloween costume. But, let’s be honest: you should. Because there are only so many times you can put your baby in a costume before they get to decide for themselves. Plus: babies, round and adorable as they are, are only more so when dressed up as, say, a lion, cow, flower, or fireman. Here, then are 15 of our favorite Halloween costumes for babies. Take a look.


This cow loves milk. Honestly, bovines aren’t all that cute in real life, but the black and white pattern, soft tail, and “hooves” on this baby costume mean that it definitely is.

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Real life lobsters look like scary prehistoric monsters. Your baby in a lobster costume? An adorable little monster. Just watch out for those pinchers.

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Look at the glorious mane on this costume. How can you go wrong? It even comes with a mouse rattle if being the king of the jungle gets boring.

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This dragon costume, which has metallic flourishes, will help your kid stand out from the crowd. Plus, when they inevitably scream because they’re hungry/thirsty/cranky/bored being paraded around in a costume, it’ll sound like a roar.

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Babies and pumpkins go hand in hand. They’re both round, adorable, and their bottoms get a little bit stinky after a short while.

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Come for the floppy ears and the trunk; stay for the fact that this is just a very comfortable onsie that won’t be that much trouble to put on your kid.

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This costume is all about the beard and oh-so-bushy eyebrows. What more do you need to know?

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You only have so many chances to dress your child up as a fruit without them being able to tell you how ridiculous the whole thing is. Lean into it while you still can with this amazing pineapple costume, spiky rind not included.

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Buzz Lightyear

If you’re thinking about doing an entire family theme, it’s pretty easy to make parents cowboys so that baby buzz here has his companion.

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Baby Bruiser

Ever seen a baby with tats and four-pack abs? Now you have. This champ will be TKO’d by 5pm though.

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Pink Pansy

Pro move: dress yourself in all green so that when you carry your baby, you’ll look like the stem and they’ll look like the top of the flower.

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Tootsie Roll

Not sure why the top of this costume resembles a chef’s hat, but dressing up as a piece of candy on Halloween is never a bad idea. You can dress your stroller up like a cool candy bucket so it seems like you got the best candy of all.

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This costume includes a screen-printed jumpsuit, complete with axe and reflective cuffs, and an adorable soft “helmet.” Your baby may be afraid of a lot of things, but they can still dress up as the bravest.

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Wear this ornate jumpsuit around Vegas and your kid is liable to get an offer to perform at an off-strip casino.

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Thanks to this costume, we now know how a giraffe would wear a bow tie: at the bottom of its neck, not the top. We also know that this costume will get all of the candy.

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