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The Best Gifts for Babies That Will Grow With Them

Buying gifts for infants is no easy task. Here's your inspiration.

So you’re shopping for infant, newborn, or baby gifts, and of course, you’re lost. Because here you are, wading through baby gifts that don’t seem to serve any actual purpose other than taking up space and make the parents feel warm and fuzzy. While that’s all well and good, you want to get a gift that will help this little one blossom. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to find the best newborn gift ideas, along with the best newborn gifts that are thoughtful, unique, memorable, and something babies can grow to use.

Baby Gift Ideas

The Hape Beaded Raindrops is the ultimate rattle.

This rattle is like no other. Instead of a high-volume maraca sound, it offers gentle rain noises; instead of a drop-able hourglass, its unique shape offers an easy grip. The sustainably harvested wood finish is an attractive bonus.

This plush turtle toy lets you bring the ball pit home.

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Babies love ball pits. There’s no way around it. And now, you can bring it home. The Melissa and Doug Turtle ball pit comes with 60 balls as well a variety of holes in the turtle’s shell to push the balls through, once they get old enough to figure that trick. There’s also a non-slip bottom, crinkling feet, a textured ring for kids to yang, and an attached ball rattle. Think of it as a seriously tricked-out playmat.

If you feel pressure over choosing their first baby doll, look no further.

That first baby doll is often one that they carry with them for years — holding them close as a comfort and friend. The Apple Park baby dolls are worthy of this tall order. It’s cuddly, it squeaks and rattles, and it’s made from organic cotton. What else could you need? Answer: Nothing.

Your stroller needs distractions too — and there's no better than the Manhattan Lemur.

The Manhattan Lemur is a standout stroller toy. It’s all about the lemur. Sure, the rattles and beads and a teething leaf are cool, but that cuddly lemur will keep them occupied while you stroll.

Babies love blocks, and now, here's a genius gift that combines blocks with classic nursery rhymes.

This 28 block set features two images from Mother Goose stories on each block. Kids can play, and learn. And it’s a beautiful gift.

This super-soft lamb is covering with shiny and soothing tags babies love to play with.

Babies can grab and yank and pull on this lamb, for seemingly ever.

This cuddly organic cotton baby towel has a hood in the center, allowing parents to wrap their babies using the entire towel and leaving no delicate skin exposed.

You really can’t get much better than this towel, which feels like a warm hug, and comes from a family-owned business.

Speaking of bathing, this is a bath mobile for the tub. Suddenly, bathtime becomes a blast.

Babies are entertained by spinning flowers and a swiveling fountain, both of which contribute to sensory development. It fits any size baby tub.

These sweet blankets have looped ribbon tags that babies love to explore and rub.

Who’s your favorite new kid on the block? Who? Who? This 16-inch by 16-inch cozy blanket rocks 23 of those looped ribbon tabs infants love to play with, is embroidered with Oodles the Owl, and has a soft satin backside that’s as smooth as the newborn baby’s.

This best-in-class play mat and baby gym has removable accessories for stage-based learning and five development zones for your baby, to keep him or her curious and engaged.

This play mat and baby gym turns into a fort when your child outgrows it. But first, it was specifically designed and created to promote cognitive, visual, and motor development in newborns and older babies.

For the parents who document everything on Instagram, these are the perfect blocks to showcase their newborn's development.

Created specifically to photograph well, these wood blocks can make number combinations ranging from one to 40 weeks. Sure, the concept is a bit twee, but hey, at least these are understated and cute. 

This little birdie plays 10 relaxing songs, plus the sound of mama’s heartbeat and birdsong. It'll be deeply appreciated by tired new parents.

Plus, this sound machine and sleep soother is portable, and projects a constellation of star lights colors on dark ceilings or walls.

No, babies don't need socks. Yes, these socks are damn funny, made of soft cotton, and aren't in-your-face cheesy.

There’s nothing cuter than baby feet, so wrap those chunks up in these socks. They’re amusing, and will keep baby digits warm in cold weather.

Skin care isn't the most original of gifts, but babies need to bathe, and Mustela makes some of the best stuff on the market.

Every new parent will thank you for the newborn shampoo, no-rinse cleansing water, body lotion, diaper rash cream, and cleansing gel that’s included in their prettily-packaged set.

According to Stanford Children's Health, newborns sleep roughly 16 hours a day. So they'll need plenty of sleep gear, like this organic cotton set.

Why these sleepers? Because they’re made of organic cotton, because the patterns are dreamy, and because the elastic band at the bottom and a lap neck make dressing and diaper changes easy.

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