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Win Any Newborn’s Birth With One Of These 9 Presents

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When you think about it, giving a present to a new baby is probably the easiest gift you’ll ever give. It doesn’t matter what you buy, that kid isn’t going to know, care, or remember it. Then again, their parents will. Which is why you should probably at least try to impress them with one of these 9 handsome handpicked gifts.

Skip Hop Egg Shakers

Skip Hop Egg Shakers

If you want your buddy’s kid to have a long, fruitful musical career without necessarily having the talent to match (think Matchbox 20), here are 2 words for you: backup percussionist. It’s the special teams of band members — all the reward, almost none of the risk. And for those who question, “Aren’t those just rattles?”, here’s a question for you: Do just rattles make 3 different noises?”

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Sophie The Giraffe

Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie is the inanimate kid whisperer. Babies love her, particularly teething babies who hate everyone. Nobody knows how the hell it works, and nobody needs to — it just does. This is as much a gift for the kid’s parents as it is for the kid.

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Goodnight Moon

If you have kids of your own, then you probably can recite the short and sweet rhythm of Margaret Wise-Brown’s classic by heart. If you haven’t read this book a million f–king times, it’s the story of a sleepy rabbit saying goodnight to everything in his great green room, including your kid. Although even a toddler has to ask, why does a bunny need both a comb and brush?

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Dr. Seuss Organic Plush Stroller Toy

Dr. Seuss Stroller Toy

You know it is wet and the sun is not sunny, but even newborns can have lots of good fun that is funny. Especially, with this plush Cat In The Hat hanging from their stroller, play mat, or car seat. It’s soft, organic, and the rattle inside will keep baby entertained when all they can do is just sit, sit, sit, sit.

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Laifa Baby Zippy Jamz Dual Zipper Sleep Sack

Laifa Baby Zippy Jamz Dual Zipper Sleep Sack

There’s nothing worse than finally getting a kid ready for bed only to realize that “oops, they crapped their pants” and, guess who’s starting the whole process over again? Ask any parent you know. If said baby was wearing a ZippyJam, however, that diaper change would be a breeze. These sleepers feature an ingenious, patent-pending two-zipper design: one zipper runs from foot to collar for dressing, the other along the inseam for easy diaper access. They’re made of organic cotton, use lined zippers that won’t pinch, and are available in a number of colorful styles with fun names like Go Go Geometric and Sleepy Clouds.

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Koala Baby Lamb Plush Mat

Koala Baby Lamb Plush Mat

Because your new-parent friends can’t hold that baby all the time, give them a safe place to put the child down while they enjoy a well-deserved turkey sandwich. This little lamb mat is super soft, grips the floor, and is machine washable when baby spits up ⏤ or, you know, dad accidentally drips mustard on it.

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Lost My Name Fantastic Firsts Personalized Milestone Cards

Fantastic Firsts Personalized Milestone Cards

This handsome set of 30 illustrated cards highlights [insert the child’s name here — it’s personalized!] first-year milestones with fun animal drawings, all ready to snap/post those pics to social media. Flip ’em over though and there’s space to fill in the pertinent details of said accomplishment. They also provide a checklist of year-one milestones so their parents can tick them all off and/or panic.

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Mary Meyer Taggies Oodles Owl Cozy Blanket

Mary Meyer Taggies Oodles Owl Cozy Blanket

Who’s your favorite new kid on the block? Who? Who? This 16-inch by 16-inch cozy blanket rocks 23 of those looped ribbon tabs infants love to play with, is embroidered with Oodles the Owl, and has a soft satin backside that’s as smooth as the baby’s.

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Fat Brain Toys Neo Tobbles

Fat Brain Toys Tobbles Neo

Okay, so baby may not be stacking Tobbles right out of the womb but it never hurts to give a 6-month-old a head start. These 6 colorful pieces are “uniquely weighted” so they balance, nest, and spin beyond the baby’s (or their parents) “wildest expectations.” See, you impressed them after all!

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