Stylish Gifts That Expecting Dads Actually Want — And Totally Deserve

This article was produced in partnership with our friends at DEWAR’S, who celebrate the entrepreneurial, adventure-embracing spirit of fathers (and fathers-to-be) everywhere.

When it comes to expecting couples, even the unborn kid does better than the dad in the gifts department. Any given nursery closet will be overflowing with adorable parody onesies that say things like “Barf Vader” and “iPood” long before anyone thinks of the dad. Sure, their half of the equation is indisputably easier, but still — not cool. The next time you see one of your buddies tagged in a Facebook pregnancy announcement, show them they still matter with something off this list of gifts for expecting dads: a spill-proof coffee mug for long nights, smooth Scotch for stressful ones, the right togs for relaxing, or a bag to pack it all up in once he has a chance for a weekend getaway 8-to-10 years from now. Plus a few picks from a DJ to the stars who watches his one-year-old on a baby monitor while he’s behind the turntables. Just a little something to say, “You’re the man. (And you helped!).”


Tosan Pop & Tot Fleece Crew

Tosan Pop & Tot Fleece Crew -- gifts for expecting dads

You know what’s funnier than an Animal House-inspired sweatshirt that says “Pop” instead of “College”? A matching one for the kid. Especially since their actual college expenses will not be even a little bit funny. Maybe don’t write that on the card.

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Mighty Mug

Mighty Mug -- gifts for expecting dads

Coffee is every new parent’s lifeline. Unfortunately, scalding hot dad fuel and a tiny, flailing baby is a dangerous combo. Enter Mighty Mug, with “Smartgrip Technology” that creates a powerful airlock to any flat surface so it can’t be knocked over. Ever. It only releases with a natural, straight-up lifting motion, and it’ll be years before the kid’s motor skills (or palate) are that advanced.

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DEWAR'S 15 year old scotch -- gifts for expecting dads

Nobody hands out cigars anymore, and if they did, you wouldn’t be allowed to smoke them in the hospital waiting room. A fine Scotch, however, never goes out of style. “The Monarch,” named for, and inspired by, a famous painting John Dewar and sons proudly hung in their distillery, is a limited-edition blend that evokes exotic fruits, golden honey, and floral aromas. Pair with a favorite flask for an inconspicuous waiting room celebration.

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Glencairn Whisky Glasses

Glencairn Whisky Glasses -- gifts for expecting dads

A proper Scotch deserves a proper glass, and Glencairn has achieved iconic status as the standard for aficionados. Its full bowl and tapered neck and rim make it comfortable in your hand, holds the aroma, directs the bouquet for more precise “nosing,” and enhances the overall color, body, and finish. Just tell your buddy it makes whisky taste better, and to pour one for you. Did he think you bought the set for his other friends?

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PancakeBot -- gifts for expecting dads
Somewhere near the top of the “New Dad” job description, under “Day-To-Day Responsibilities,” it says, “Must prepare nutritious, balanced breakfasts featuring museum-quality pancake masterpieces.” However, in the fine print it also says, “May throw money at problems instead of creating solutions, if lack of time and/or sleep requires,” which explains why this awesome 3D printer/griddle mashup exists. New dad pro tip: always read the fine print.

Buy Now $300

Father Figure

Father Figure -- gifts for expecting dads
It’ll be a while before American dads get paid parental leave or a better stay-at-home acronym (so sahd!) — but at least they can get in on new parent fashion. Father Figure is not a paternity line that hides Dad Bod but cleverly engineered apparel that’s comfortable and functional for dads. Items like shirts with extra-soft cotton where your baby’s head is likely to rest. And then spit up.

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KinderPerfect -- gifts for expecting dads
This parent-specific version of Cards Against Humanity is the perfect delayed-gratification gift for an expecting guy for 2 reasons. First, it takes a bit of parenting experience to get many of the jokes. Second, it takes a little while before new parents have time for another game night. “You won’t get these jokes now, but just wait until your kid’s diaper explodes all over your curtains. Can’t wait to hear about it! You’re gonna love fatherhood, bro.”

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Glerups Shoes

Glerups Shoes -- gifts for expecting dads
Tanned leather soles plus merino and Gotland wool uppers equal the only shoe you’ll ever wear in your house again. And to the end of the driveway to get the paper. #TotalDadMove. Of course they’re designed by a Danish company; no wonder why those people are so damn happy.

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Sleepy Jones Pajamas

sleepy jones pajamas -- gifts for expecting dads

Pajamas might not be the first thing you think of to give another man. But, nobody will think twice about it once they’ve tried on the most comfortable piece of clothing they’ve ever worn. Plus, that ‘Give Sleep A Chance’ T-shirt is about to have hilarious double meaning.

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DJ Mick style for dads

Mick Batsyke, better known as DJ MICK, is an entrepreneur, investor, consultant, mixtape master, and private party-rocking DJ. He’s spun for A-listers like Jay-Z and LeBron James. He’s scratched for companies like Cadillac and Twitter. He’s also a dad to 15-month-old son. So, new enough to the parenting game that he remembers the expecting phase. Here are six gift suggestions MICK considers key to the new dad experience (and he wishes someone would’ve bought for him).

NES Classic Edition

NES Classic Edition -- gifts for expecting dads
“Relive your childhood before you have to help shape someone else’s youth. And then one day show them the games ‘Dad used to play.'”

Buy Now $60

Shinola Runwell Turntable

Shinola Runwell Turntable -- gifts for expecting dads
“As a DJ, letting my son experience music in a tangible, physical way is essential. As a dad, I just want cool stuff in my house that doesn’t look like a plastic rainbow vomited on my rug. This turntable is Shinola’s first audio product; it’s even more beautiful than their watches and makes a focal point where you can listen to your old Pearl Jam vinyl — or a random Sesame Street record you found at the flea market.”

Buy Now $2,500

Master & Dynamic Wireless Headphones

Master & Dynamic Wireless Headphones -- gifts for expecting dads
“They look and sound great (I DJ in them, they better!), and you won’t look dorky. Rather, you’ll look like the sophisticated and intelligent father that you are about to become, spending late nights pacing around the nursery soothing a crying, screaming baby — but with no wires!”

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Crux 4 Slice Toaster

Crux 4 Slice Toaster -- gifts for expecting dads
“You never needed a 4 slice toaster until now, even though they always looked cooler than the outdated crumb collector you’ve been using. This one also happens to look like a high-end piece of audio equipment and has a special setting for gluten-free bread. You’re not really gonna feed your kid gluten, are you?!?”

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SPRUCE® Energizing Whole Greens

SPRUCE Energizing Whole Greens -- gifts for expecting dads
“This stuff is great to get your health optimized before the baby. It tastes good, so you’ll actually want to drink it. Keep your energy up, post baby, with the Coffee Cherry boost. I usually mix it with water or almond milk, but I see no reason you can’t mix it with Scotch — although that probably would produce a different sort of effect.”

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Tumi Otis Backpack

Tumi Otis Backpack -- gifts for expecting dads
“Secret father rule: moms carry too much shit. Dads only bring the essentials. Thus, an awesome backpack will double as the perfect Dad bag. This backpack holds just enough stuff to keep both you and your baby happy and acts as the perfect counterweight to the baby hanging on your chest. The best feature: A special pocket for the greatest baby-soothing invention since the pacifier — your iPad.”

Buy Now $495


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