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The Best Indestructible Dog Toys, According to Pet Experts

These handsome, indestructible toys are beloved by dogs — and actually look great strewn around the house.

Dogs lavish you with love and ask for little in return. But a bored dog is a destructive dog, and unless you want your couch legs gnawed down to splinters or your shoes turned into shredded hunks of soggy leather, you need to stock up on indestructible dog toys, which, yes, do exist. The best dog toys help dogs stave off boredom, keep them engaged, and even provide comfort when things get stressful.

Not all dog toys are created equal, so keep a few things in mind when choosing one. Per the Humane Society of the United States, get to know your dog and his preferences. If he’s an unstoppable chewer, indestructible dog toys are the only way to go. And pick the correct toys for your dog’s size; anything too small can be a choking hazard.

If you opt for squeaky toys, buy earplugs (just kidding) and supervise your dog to make sure she doesn’t destroy it in seconds and swallow the squeaker. If you buy soft toys, make sure they’re machine-washable for reasons that don’t need to be stated here. Don’t buy any toys that have fillings, such as nutshells or polystyrene beads, because they’re not digestible. With chew toys, always supervise your dog when they’re going to town so they don’t choke on anything.

Rubber toys are great because they’re virtually impossible to destroy and they bounce around in weird ways, thus keeping your dog interested. They’re also easy to wash. So-called distraction toys, the ones you fill up with treats, keep dogs busy for hours, as do so-called feeder toys, which challenge dogs to find the hidden treats or food.

If you dog is food-motivated, this toy will keep him or her busy for hours. Designed to make your canine feel like it's hunting for prey, the toy is stuffed with 1.5 cups of dry food so dogs stay busy trying to get it out. It's unstable, so your dog has to figure out how to handle it, and you can spread peanut butter on top for extra motivation.

So your dog goes nuts for tug of war? The triangle tug, made from rubber with a cotton rope, is meant for intense play. The set includes the Twist Toss, which has a weird shape and thus bounces in ways your dog won't expect. And the Bolt Bite has open ends so you can stash treats inside it, and is pretty much a perfect chew toy because it's made of rubber and is hella durable.

You'll never go wrong with the Kong, a classic rubber toy that is so well-made that it could survive multiple zombie apocalypses. It's hefty. It bounces around in strange ways. And you stuff it chock-full of whatever gets your canine amped up. They do not get bored of it. Pick the correct size for your breed; if it's too big or too small, the dog won't engage with it as well.

So your dog could chew through a brick wall, you say? Behold this toy. The rubber makes it ultra-durable, and the hollowed-out shape means you can smear peanut butter inside it, or throw in a few treats.

So yes, this is a two-way camera that lets you talk to your dog. If you're so inclined. But we're way into the treat-dispensing functionality at play here. If you're worried that a bored dog is a destructive dog (which is true), simply fill it with your dogs’ favorite treats and have the Furbo hurl them out, whenever you feel like it. Zero effort on your part. And your dog will be totally engaged.

This is sort of like doggie bingo. You hide treats in the compartments, and your canine has to figure out how to open it to get said treat. There are two separate treat hiding spots to up the ante.

A great rope toy cleans your dog's teeth while also providing plenty of play. And a truly great rope toy doesn't fall apart. This is that rope toy. Pick the one that's suitable for your dog's size.

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