The Best Toddler Climbing Toys And Tumbling Mats

Not only does climbing help kids build strength and motor skills, but it's fun.

by Donna Freydkin
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No matter where they are, toddlers will find a way to climb: on your bed when your early-morning alarm hasn’t even gone off yet, on the counters when you’re already struggling for space to cook dinner, and on basically any reachable surface within your home that you hopefully have already raided for breakables. That’s why toddler climbing toys are a must-have for parents.

Thankfully, climbing is a natural behavior that has been proven to promote, among other things, strength, confidence, neuromuscular development, motor skills, and creativity. So you can’t really get mad at them when you find them chasing the cat to the top of the bookshelf or using the sofa to practice for the all-around competition at the 2032 Olympics.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has some common-sense advice when letting little kids climb:

  • Help them make a soft landing by providing mats made of safety-tested rubber or rubber-like materials.
  • And while this applies to outdoor climbing, it’s equally on point indoors. If you kid is tearing up stairs, steps and ladder rungs, they should be evenly spaced.
  • Make sure the equipment they use is age-appropriate, and that it’s never overloaded.
  • And supervise them!

What you can and should do is provide an appropriate venue. These toddler climbing toys offer indoor options to nurture your kid’s motor development and sense of exploration — and they’re a reason for you to finally take that plastic wrap off the furniture.


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