The Best Car Seat Travel Bags to Make Flying Less of a Hassle

They cost roughly $30 apiece and keep your car seat protected as you fly.

by Hudson Lindenberger
Car seat travel bags against a multi-colored background

Eventually, even this summer, travel will resume in earnest and feel safe again, and if you are traveling by plane with your child, you have several options when it comes to dealing with your car seat. The simplest one, by far, is to get a car seat travel bag. If your car seat is FAA-approved and your child has his or her own plane seat, you can take it onboard to use during the flight. Otherwise, you will need to check it as luggage, either at the airline check-in counter or gate.

Either way won’t cost you anything — all U.S. airlines and most international ones allow them on board free of charge. But other than being the victim of kiddie projectile vomiting, nothing can wreck your trip more effectively than finding your car seat shredded from its time in the hold. The key to avoiding that fate is to invest in a durable, solid car seat travel bag that keeps it safe from scratches, dents, water damage, and other nastiness.

Make sure you pick a model that fits your specific car seat brand (they generally fit all the major ones, but read the fine print for any exceptions when it comes to more niche brands). Padded straps make hauling the bags around easier, and some of them even have wheels, if you need that extra convenience. If you want options, get a car seat travel bag that lets you carry it around multiple ways, whether by toting it or strapping it on your back.

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