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Life-Saving Car Seat Alarms That Remind Parents There’s a Baby in the Back Seat

An average of 38 children die in hot cars every year.

Car seat alarms can be a lifesaver. Quite literally. You probably saw the devastated New York dad who seemingly unknowingly left his twins in a car while he went to work in July 2019. The babies died. It’s yet another devastating story that’s become all too commonplace that could have possibly been prevented with a car baby monitor for the baby car seat. Last year alone, 52 kids died in hot cars.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, heat stroke is the leading cause of non-car crash vehicular death in children under 15. Also worth noting: A child’s body heats up three to five times faster than an adult’s body does. A child’s major organs start to shut down when his or her body temperature reaches 104 degrees, and a child can die when his or her temperature reaches 107 degrees. And if you think cracking a window is the answer, it’s not. That’s because a car heats up in 10 minutes, and kids can have heat stroke when it’s 57 degrees outside.

The National Safety Council reports that in 2018, 52 children died in hot cars. An average of 38 children die this way every year. There are three primary reasons for the tragedies: An adult forgets a kid in a vehicle; a child somehow gets into the vehicle and gets trapped; and the worst-case scenario is one in which an adult purposely leaves a child in a car and faces charges.

Adults should always check the back seat to make sure every child is out of the car before walking away. But that’s sometimes easier said then done. And for that reason, it’s worth investing in car seat alarms to alert harried parents that they just ran into the dry cleaner without their kid.

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You can use this portable video monitor in your car, and use to keep an eye on your baby sitting in a rear-facing car seat. Thus, reducing the probability that you'll forget the infant in the vehicle.

This is a baby monitor that goes inside a stuffed animal, which attaches to your backseat and keeps an eye on your baby. This video baby monitor has night vision, so you can see your baby any time, and it comes with a smartphone car mount and a car-charging adapter. You insert the camera into the stuffed animal, connect the camera to your phone, and get updates. Make sure you fasten the stuffed animal correctly using Velcro so it never becomes a projectile in the car.

This car seat monitor continually reminds you that your baby or young child is in the car and will sound an alarm if you leave your baby in the car.

This car seat baby alarm attaches to the car seat or seat belt, connects to your smartphone, and sends proximity alerts. Plus, if you leave your child in the car, you hear an alarm. Turn it on and it syncs via Bluetooth to either your smartphone or an accompanying key fob. Get out of the car and walk more than 15 feet away without your child and an alarm goes off. Keep walking because somehow you don’t hear it, and the eClip will start texting a spouse, relative, or friend. It also has a built-in thermometer and will alert the driver if temps in the back seat get either too hot or too cold.

If you leave your child unattended in the car, the car seat sends you a notification to your phone.

When you get out of the car, the SensorSafe 2.0 reminds you about the baby in the car seat via the installed vehicle receiver and again through the SensorSafe app.

This car alert system requires professional installation, and it delivers an audible reminder that helps you remember your kid’s in the back seat.

The Ride & Remind System works by monitoring your cars rear doors and is automatically activated when either rear door is opened and closed within 15 minutes before your vehicle is started. A chime sounds to remind you to check the back seat.

If this sensor detects unusual movement, like a baby thrashing or crying, an alarm will sound.

This is technically a device to stop car theft, but one of its functionalities is to alert you if any unusual vibrations are detected. It’s a real-time tracking system that monitors your vehicle and alerts you of suspicious activity, through an app on your Apple or Android device.

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