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The Best Manual Breast Pumps to Get Every Last Drop

You won't be crying over spilled milk with these best-in-class manual breast pumps.

Most nursing mothers invest in a high-quality, ultra-efficient electric breast pump to maximize milk production. But if she needs something portable, lightweight, and nearly silent, a manual breast pump is the way to go. These pumps are not meant for everyday use, but they are incredibly convenient when she’s on the go and needs to express — think of being on a long flight or in the park with the kids or stuck at the office. The best manual breast pumps are small in size, but large in output.

You want a manual breast pump that’s easy to put together, comfortable to use, simple to clean, and of course, that holds on to your milk without wasting a drop.

So easy to use it's almost ridiculous. You just press the silicone pouch to create natural suction and express up to four ounces of milk per use. The pump sits inside the bra, and lets moms be in hands-free mode. It's dishwasher-safe and made with food-grade silicone. It's also virtually spill-proof.

Totally portable and easy to use, this manual breast pump has a 105-degree angle, an oval shape, and a soft rim for optimal comfort while pumping.

For moms using Avent's popular baby bottles, this is a time-saving option. You don't need to lean forward when using the pump, which is a bonus in terms of comfort. Plus, you can pump directly into the corresponding bottles. When you're done, hand wash the parts.

One of the simplest manual breast pumps on the market, the Haakaa attaches to your breast when you squeeze it. When you're done, you boil it to sterilize it. It's designed to fit every breast shape and size.

Slightly more complex is this manual breast pump from Lansinoh. Women use a handle to help express milk and pump directly into breastmilk storage bags. When done, you take the components apart and wash them.

This manual breast pump takes things one step further by giving moms straps so they can be more mobile while using it. The strap goes around the neck, the pumps attach to the breasts, and women self-adjust the suction force to their needs. You can wash it with a bottle brush, soap, and water.

If you're truly serious about not wasting a single drop of milk, this catcher gets every last drop while you're nursing. Not a breast pump per se, this saves leaking milk while breastfeeding. Handy. And it works with Dr. Brown's bottles.

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